Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Bowl Preview

 When the the Washington Huskies and the Nebraska Cornhuskers play in the Holiday Bowl tonight it will be the second out three meetings in a 12- month span.

The two teams created an intense rivalry during the 90's as they met four times from 1991 to 1999 with both teams winning twice. However, a Nebraska 56-21 win on September 18th has given the Cornhuskers a three game winning streak over the Huskies.

I posted my preview of the mid September showdown a few weeks ago but will do it again here.  

Same thing for my game recap. You can view it here.

The game turned out to be a disaster in many ways. The Huskies played bad defensively, offensively and on Special teams. More importantly at the time Heisman candidate Jake Locker had the worse game of his college career as he only accumulated 71 passing yards.

If the Huskies are going to upset the Cornhuskers tonight the Huskies will have to play better on all three phases of the ball. In Huskies wins this year Jake Locker has thrown 13 touchdown passes and 3 interceptions. In contrast, in Huskies loses the Locker has thrown four touchdown passes and five interceptions.

The Huskies have accomplished a lot of things this year. A road win for the first time since 2007, a three game wining streak for the first time since 2006 and lastly a bowl bid for the first time since 2002. Regardless on tonight's outcome the  Huskies should be proud of the way the Huskies season has gone. For Huskies fans its realizing how far this team has come in just under two years. Not many football programs would be able to go from a o-12 season in 2008 to a bowl bid in 2010.

For Nebraska, the Cornhuskers are coming into the game feeling a bit down emotionally. Nebraska had high hopes for the season. The team picked by many experts including me, to win the Big 12 title and advance to the Fiesta Bowl or even the BCS National Title game. With the Cornhuskers under achieving  this year and to end up in the Holiday, the Cornhuskers might not be in the game mentally which is good news if your a Husky fan.

Nebraska hasn't showed signs of a let down after a emotional games this year but anything is possible. Tonight's game also marks the last game for Nebraska in the Big 12. Next year Nebraska will move to the Big 10 where the Big 10 will become the New Big 12.

Coach Steve Sarkisian has talked all year about expecting to win. Well can you actually expect to win after Nebraska beat you by 35 points at Husky Stadium. Tonight the slogan should be "Expect to Compete" I expect for the Huskies to compete tonight. Nebraska is by far the more superior team and if QB Taylor Martinez plays like he did in Seattle in September the Huskies have no shot. My prediction will be the Huskies will play hard but will come but  will come up short losing 41-28.

The game will start at 7pm and will be on ESPN

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Huskies Look for Strong Start When They Take on USC

When the Washington Huskies (8-3) take on the USC Trojans (8-5) it will be the battle of the tempos. Washington an uptempo team, who likes to push the ball up and down the floor will go up against a USC team that likes to play in the half court.

Washington was ranked 17th at the start of the year, but since then has fallen out of polls, they could make a name for them selves with two good wins this week. That being said if the Huskies play poorly this week against USC and UCLA it could be an uphill climb for the rest of the year.

Last year the Huskies had high hopes going into Pac 10 play. However, an 1-3 start to Pac 10 play forced them to go 10-4 in their remaining fourteen games. Even than 11-7 was not enough to get the Huskies an At Large bid. Fortunately, the Huskies were able to win the Pac 10 tournament down in Los Angels to get the Huskies 11 seed in last years NCAA Tournament.

The Huskies were able to get to the Sweet 16 and gave West Virginia a run for their money during that game. The Huskies made it clear during the tournament run that they would be the team to beat in the Pac 10 for years to come.

The Huskies though will likely not have the success they enjoyed last year if the Huskies get off to another slow start this year in the Pac 10. When I first saw the Pac 10 schedule in July my first thoughts were that the schedule played into the Huskies favor. The first four games the Huskies play will be games they were 1-3 last year. The Huskies after taking on the LA schools at LA will host the Oregon schools. The Huskies should easily be able to go 2-2 in these four games but could also easily go 3-1. The Huskies next few games will consist of a road trip to the Bay Area schools, Cal an Stanford. Then another short home stand against the Arizona schools. After that the Huskies will have a date with the Washington State Cougars in Pullman. The Huskies should aim for 4-1 during these five games but still should be okay with 3-2. The Huskies next four games will be at the Oregon schools and home to the Bay Area schools. No question about it but the Huskies should go 4-0 during these four games. The Huskies last five Pac 10 games will be between the Arizona schools on the road than a three game home stand to end the year against Washington State and the LA schools.. The Huskies should aim to go 4-1 during those five games putting the Huskies at a 13-5 Pac 10 record.

If you add that to the 8-3 record now, plus the assumed win over Seattle U on February 22. The Huskies will be 22-8 entering the Pac 10 tournament at the Staples Centre, which is one game better than last year. With the Pac 10 being stronger this year I expect the Huskies to be around a 7 seed entering the Tournament but at this point its hard to tell.

For the game its self tonight. The winner  of the game tonight will be the team that controlls the tempo. USC is playing some good basketball right now as they beat Tennessee and lost to Kansas both on the road before Christmas.

The game plan tonight is simple for Washington tonight. Get C.J. Wilcox and Isaiah Thomas shooting the ball well and the Huskies win. However, the Huskies have been inconsistent shooting the ball all year and don't expect that to change. USC will play well and get offense from Jio Fonton and Nikola Vucevic. USC  will  be too big and too much for Washington and USC will win 75-59. Washington will struggle offensively all night.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Huskies Looking to Take One More Step Further Against Nebraska In Holiday Bowl

When Steve Sarkisian took the Washington Huskies job in the after the 0-12 season in 2008, the word   rebuilding was not in his dictionary.

In Sarkisian's first two years as head coach the Huskies have gone 11-13 in 24 games. His team has been in  most of games at halftime and are 6-4 in games that are decided by seven points or less, including a 4-1 record this year.

The biggest thing that Steve Sarkisian has talked about to the team is "Expect to Win". That has been the slogan all year for Washington and when the Huskies take on the 18th ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers a moral victory is not on the Huskies minds.

To describe how bad the loss was to Nebraska you can view by game recap here.

An upset win though is a tall order. Nebraska destroyed Washington 56-21 at Husky Stadium. During that game Taylor Martinez the scramble quarterback ran for three touchdowns with 19 carries and 137 yards. In contrast, Jake Locker was 4/20 for 71 yards one touchdown and two interceptions. For Washington to pull off the upset the Huskies will have to play an almost perfect game.

With Washington's bowl bid the Huskies will also be able to practice 15 extra times. Washington's Senior stars such as Jake Locker, Mason Foster and D'Andre Goodwin  stepped up in a big way for the Huskies, the practices are mostly to build for the future. Players like Colin Porter, Erik Kohler, Sean Parker and Jesse Callier should really benefit  from the extra practices. Not to mention Keith Price and Nick Montana, who will fight for the starting quarterback job next year.

The rematch will also give anther chance for the defense to show how much they have improved. Nick Holt said a few days after the 56-21 loss to Nebraska " the UW defense would love to play the game over again. " The Huskies defense will get their opportunity on December 30th. The question is have the Huskies defense learned enough to make the game competitive.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why Not A Playoff?

Three weeks ago I was pretty sick and I was missing school. I was getting behind school so I was doing a lot of work at home. One of my assignments was to write a essay about something you felt strongly about. My teacher called them Freedom writing Journals. We had watched the movie and read the book.   The movie is about kids in California   who are involved in gangs and don't care about school. They get put in school where Mrs. Gruwell teaches them how to write really well. 

Since I am a big College Football fan I decided to write about the BCS system and why College Football needs a playoff. Enjoy! 

 Why Not A Playoff?

 The college football regular season is coming to the end and again there is some major controversy about who should be in the National Championship in early January. In most sports there is a playoff system that consists of six to sixteen teams depending on the sport. In college football there is something called the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). The system is odd in many ways and it is time to get rid of the BCS because it is unfair, there are  great match-ups to be had with a playoff system,  and  there is loads of revenue to be made from a playoff system which would benefit other sports as well.

 Firstly, the BCS is extremely unfair because of a team’s schedule. It is better to have a hard schedule in the first part of the season than the last part of the season. For example, If you
have two teams with 11-1 records at the end of the season then the team that lost their game early on in the season would have a higher BCS ranking between the two teams.  In 2008 the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns both finished the season with an 11-1 record. Texas had already beaten Oklahoma during the season for Oklahoma’s loss but since Texas got upset by the Texas Tech Red Raiders, that opened the door again for Oklahoma to get in the National Championship game.  With a playoff system we wouldn’t have this problem because both Oklahoma and Texas would be in the playoffs. 

 Also, with a playoff system comes great match-ups that we wouldn’t see with the BCS. The BCS determines which teams get into which bowls. Therefore, we see the same games year after year in the same bowl. For example, the Rose Bowl played annually on January 1st is between the Pac 10 winner and the Big 10 winner. Consequently, it is possible for the same two teams to play two or three years in a row in the same bowl. With a playoff system you would have a variety of match-ups as the teams in the playoffs would be seeded differently each year. 

 Lastly. a playoff system would work better than the BCS because of revenue. If a team makes a bowl game, they get money for their school and conference. If you have a playoff of 10 teams you could possibly be in four extra games. These playoff games would have the same hype and attention as a bowl game. If your team keeps wining in the playoffs your team keeps getting on TV. Therefore, your school would make even more money. For example, the Boise State Broncos are a very small college which has a powerful football team. They get punished every year for being in the Western Athletic Conference  (WAC). This team would really benefit from extra nationally televised games against teams that are in major conferences. Also, the more revenue a team brings in helps that school keep other lesser sports running. College football brings in 85% of all revenue which helps all sports, not just football.

 In conclusion,  college football needs to implement a playoff because the BCS is unfair,  there are great match-ups to be had in  a 10 team playoff,  and there is lots of extra revenue to be generated from tv and other sources currently unavailable.

The Essay got a 5/6. I thought I did a pretty good job on it. If I controlled College Football I would have a 1o team playoff. 10 teams would be a good number because currently they're five BCS Bowls. However, the teams in the Tournament would be the AP Top 25. That makes sense to me because a team like Uconn does not deserve to be in a BCS Bowl. In Contrast, Boise State does deserve to be in a BCS bowl but they're not. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Huskies Will Go On A Holiday In Late December To San Diego

The Washington Huskies late serge at the end of the season to finish bowl eligible has given them a chance to revenge their mid September loss to Nebraska. The opportunity comes as the Huskies and Cornhuskers were picked to face off in the Holiday Bowl on December 30th in San Diego California.

The decision for the rematch is very odd. Very rarely do you see two teams play twice in one year. Furthermore, when the game was so lopsided on Nebraska's side but the selection committee was faced with a tough decision. The committee could of made Arizona and Nebraska fight it out for the Holiday Bowl. However, those teams played last year in the Holiday Bowl and Nebraska destroyed Arizona 33-0.

If you are still confused I will lay it out for you.

  1. Oregon went 12-0 and got a National Championship berth on January 10, 2011.
  2. Stanford finished 11-1 and they deserve a BCS berth. So Stanford was put in the Orange Bowl. 
  3. Washington finished 6-6 and 5-4 in Pac 10. 
  4. Arizona ended up 7-5 but 4-5 in Pac 10. 
  5. USC finished Bowl eligible but is serving their first of two years of being band from any bowls.
Washington finished with a better conference record than Arizona however, with Arizona dominating Washington on October 23rd in Tuscon 44-14 and Arizona having a better overall record than Washington the Alamo Bowl decided to pick Arizona instead of Washington. 

The situation will work out fine. Washington will be more likely to land recruits in San Diego than in San Antonio where the Alamo Bowl is played. Also, Washington will find out how far they have came since losing to Nebraska 56-21. 

Here is my preview I wrote for the game in September. Here it is.

If you want to take the topic about why the Holiday Bowl is a better fit for Washington than the Alamo Bowl is because Washington will travel better to San Diego than they would have to San Antonio. San Antonio is less of a tourist destination than San Antonio. You could make an argument that Huskies fans would travel anywhere because the Huskies are in their first bowl since 2002 but in the long run the Holiday Bowl is a better fit for Washington. Don't forget the Huskies basketball team plays at USC on December 29th and at UCLA on New Years Eve.

It doesn't really matter what bowl game the Huskies are in. What Steve Sarkisian has done is truly amazing. He has took an 0-12 team in 2008 to a bowl game in 2010. The fan base is extremely critical sometimes of what Sarkisian does. What the Husky fans have to realize is that most schools would take five to ten years to get to a bowl and Washington has done it in two years. Mission accomplished Huskies fans.

I would also like to say something I have wanting to say for a long time. " USC fans will not be going bowling this year but Washington will!"

I will continue to have more on this big game next week sometime.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Huskies Get Bowl Eligible With 35-28 Win Over Cougars

It wasn't how the Huskies would have drawn it up at the start of of the season but the Washington Huskies are going to a bowl game for the first time in eight years following their 35-28 win over the Cougars to win the Apple Cup.

In a game that had everything Washington got off to a quick start scoring on their first possession to lead 7-0. After Jeff Tuel couldn't get the Washington State offense going, Washington made it 14-0 following Jake Locker's 7 yard scamper. It looked like Washington would cruise to their second Apple Cup victory in a row. The Cougars had other ideas. After Loker threw a pick in the en zone, Jeff Tuel got his offense fired up and went for a touchdown to only trail 14-7 at Halftime. 

Coach Steve Sarkisian at halftime got the Huskies to regroup. On the Huskies first possession Jake Locker on a third and five would find Jermaine kearse for a 66 yard Touchdown pass to regain the 14 point lead. Washington State though would battled back. With 5:53 to go in the third quarter Jeff Tuel would trim the lead back to seven with a 16 yard Touchdown pass pass. It would remain that way to the fourth when Chris Polk went for a 57 yard touchdown run to give the Huskies a 28-14 lead. After the Cougars scored twice in a row Jake Locker and the Huskies offense went on a legendary drive to save the Huskies season and maybe Coach Sark's job. With 44 seconds to go on a 1st and 21 Locker found an open Jermaine Kearse for the wining touchdown. 

It is said in sports sometimes big time players make big time plays. In Saturday's win no Husky made bigger plays than Chris Polk. He ran for 284 yards on 29 carries with two touchdown runs. His effort could only be described as clutch. His 284 yards sits second all time in Huskies history.

When people talk about rivalry games not many people mention the Apple Cup. On Saturday we saw a classic example of how any team can beat any team on any given day more so in rivalries. I think why the Apple Cup is so intense is because most years there is so much on the line. There is bragging rights, bowl berths and in the past Rose Bowl berths. Also, in other rivalries such as Florida - Florida State those are not the only big football schools in the country so you don't get that many close games. But in the Apple Cup the winner is the best football team in the State. 

For Washington State, their fans are feeling sad after another tough season. Paul Wulff in his three years with the team has gone 5-32. The bright side is that the Cougars have a very exciting quarterback who could easily be playing on Sunday's after his Senior year. Tuel this year passed for just under three thousand yards this year and should reach that milestone next year as Tuel will be one year more mature from a football standpoint and his offensive line should be better. For me there was no sock that the game was as close as it was.

For Washington a bowl game means everything. Sarkisian despite his questionable play calling should be the Huskies coach for at least the next two years. Also, with the bowl game Washington will get to practice 15 extra times. This may not seem like much but this should really help players like Chris Polk, Quinton Richarson and Kieth Price as they will be important players for next season as they could use some much need reps.

However, the talk in Seattle is not about next year. On Sunday it was revealed that the Huskies will get another shot at redemption versus the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Washington played brutal in the 56-21 loss in Seattle on September 18th. The Seniors on the Huskies team would love to go out with a epic upset on December 30th.

I will have more on the Nebraska game as the month progresses.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Huskies Versus Cougars Preview

The Huskies travel to Pullman with one goal in mind and one goal only. To win the Apple Cup and become bowl eligible for the first time since 2002.

Yes, it has been that long. Eight long years of not going to a bowl could be over with a win over Washington State. The Cougars have had another long season under Head Coach Paul Wulff. Wullf is 5-31 as the Cougars head coach and a loss in the Apple Cup could cost him his job as it wasn't too long ago the Cougars were an ordinary Pac 10 team fighting for a bowl game year in and year out.

Steve Sarkisian the Huskies head coach on the other hand will oppose him on the opposite sidelines today. His 10-13 record as the Huskies head coach has the Huskies fans excited about the teams future. A 5-7 record last year followed by a possible bowl game this year would show how much Sarkisian has turned this storied football program around following their 2008 season where they went 0-12.

However, a loss to a 2-9 Washington State team would have the Huskies fans wondering is Sarkisian the right man for the job. The Huskies have not shown any consistency in Sarkisian's time here in Washington. They have played extremely well at times but have also played pretty sloppy at times.

This should be a major concern for Huskies fans. Washington State's record of 2-9 doesn't show how hard this team has competed. Except for the Oklahoma State, Stanford and Arizona State games, the Cougars have competed really hard which is a positive to their football program. Washington has to be ready for anything as Washington State has had had three weeks between games.

Jeff Tuel the Washington State quarter back will try to spoil Washington's bowl hopes by himself. With his team ranked 117th (out of 120 teams) in total rushing yards, Tuel will try to beat the Huskies with his arm as well as his legs. Tuel not known for his running ability though he did run for 79 yards on 18 carries in the Cougars upset win over Oregon State.

Washington defense has really improved over the past few weeks. They have only allowed one offensive touchdown in the last two games. The Huskies will face a much tougher task than last two weeks as the Huskies have faced buck up quarterbacks the last two weeks. Jeff Tuel is a much more dynamic quarterback than Cal's Brock Mansion and UCLA's Richard Brehaut. The defense as a unit needs to step up as a team to stop the passing attack as the Cougars have some wide receivers that could make it a long day for Nick Holt and the Huskies defense.

Even though the Huskies are the favorite to win the Apple Cup this game will not be a walk in the park for the Dawgs as over the years there has been many upsets. The biggest one came in 1982 when the Washington State Cougars knocked off the #5 Washington Huskies. The Huskies came into the game as overwhelming favorites. However, the Cougars came out victorious 24-20 to knock the Huskies out of the Rose Bowl.

The forecast in Pullman tomorrow is for it to be cold with temperatures hovering and mid 20's and no snow. The weather should give the advantage to the Huskies as they have the better running game. When the Huskies give the ball to Chris Polk 20 or more times Washington is 3-0. It could be a big day for Polk as the Cougars rush defense is very young  this year and needs improvement. Polk will try to reach the 1000 yard plateau for the second consecutive year. The running game will be essential for the Huskies wining the rivalry game.

My prediction is that the Huskies will take care of business today and will win the Apple Cup for the second year in a row. .Jake Locker will play smart football and Chris Polk will have a big game with two rushing touchdowns. Jeff Tuel will do what he can do to keep his team in the game but it will not be enough. The Huskies will win 27-17 and will get a good effort from there Special teams. The game is scheduled for a 4pm start and will be televised on Versus.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Huskies Get Last Second Win to Keep Bowl Hopes Alive

Great moments are born by great opportunities and the Huskies were given a great opportunity last Saturday.  In the 4th quarter  against the California Golden Bears Washington's offense had 4:39 seconds to keep their bowl hopes alive. Senior Quarter Back Jake Locker was just the guy to lead them on the most incredible drive of his career.

The Huskies needed a Field Goal to tie and a touchdown to win. The drive started out great. The Huskies moved the changes for the first time on third and short when running back Chris Polk was lined up in the Wildcat formation and got the first down. After that Jake Locker went up top to Jermaine Kearse for a 46 yard completion to get the Huskies into Field Goal range at the 20 yard line.

Steve Sarkisian was not going for the tie. He was going for the win. After a few runs, Washington was set up with second and goal from the 1. After two unsuccessful quarter back sneaks Washington called a timeout with two seconds to go. The Huskies were going for the win.

Washington on 4th and the season handed the ball off to Chris Polk who scampered into the end zone for a 1 yard touchdown that gave the Huskies a 16-13 win. With the Apple Cup on Saturday Washington will just have to take this game seriously. The Huskies are the superior team in all three phases of the game which should give then an advantage during the game.

The biggest thing was the Husky defense is playing amazing right now. The defense hasn't allowed a touchdown in seven quarters. Which is a compliment to Defensive coordinator Nick Holt who is having his guys playing inspired defense at the right time of the year.

The Huskies just have to win one more game to go to a bowl, which hasn't happened for the Huskies since 2002. If Washington wants to go to bowl, they will have to beat arch rival Washington State.  The Cougars record is 2-9 but are coming off a 31-14 to Oregon State and are going to give their best effort for the 103rd addition of the Apple Cup.

Washington State Quarter Back Jeff Tuel is way better Quarter back than the  last two quarter backs have played. Tuel is a pocket passer who will throw the odd interception with 15 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions. He has thrown just under 2500 yards for the year.  The question will be if the Huskies can get to Jeff Tuel.  A interception during the game would be huge considering the Huskies have got points in 26 of 29 possessions.

We can't forget that Cal was starting their back up quarter back Brock Mansion for the injured Kevin Riley. If Riley starts the game is a blow out and Washington doesn't have a shot at a bowl. Jake Locker made some nice plays last Saturday. His Touchdown pass to D'Andre Goodwin in the third quarter to get the offense going was a fortunate play however, great players make great plays and that's what he expects from himself. Locker needs two more touchdowns to pass Cody Pickett   for all time touchdowns as a Husky.

The Apple Cup will be a 4pm kickoff and on television on Versus.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Washington Versus California Preview

When the Washington Huskies (4-6, 3-4) play the California Golden Bears (5-6, 3-5)  today both coaches will have the same message to their respected teams. "Don't lose because one more loss would eliminate us from a bowl opportunity".

But for Washington the situation is a touch different than Cal's. Washington will have to win this week and next week against cross state rival Washington State. The Cougars are improving fast and would like nothing more than to beat their bitter rivals from the Emerald City.

For Cal, It's simple win and you're in lose and you go home. Head Coach of the Golden Bears Jeff Tedford saw his team get annihilated by Stanford last week at home 48-14. The loss was the first time Cal had been blown out at home all year. More importantly back up QB Brock Mansion showed an enormous amount of jitters last week as he fumbled the snap multiple times and threw two interceptions.

Washington is coming into the game full of confidence following its 24-7 victory last Thursday night. In that game Washington had one of the best defensive showings all year allowing UCLA to only 163 yards of total offense. If Washington wants to come away from Berkley with a win they must stop Shane Vereen and the California running game. Vereen is already a 1000 yard rusher for the season. If he rushes for 262 yards today he will have 3000 yards rushing for his career.

Cal has been in a bowl game every year since 2002. That streak is in some limbo. Washington feels that they have every right to think that this will be the year they will play in a bowl. The Huskies have some talented Seniors on Offense and Defense. On Offense they have Quarter Back Jake Locker. Locker has been spectacular in the Huskies wins however, he has played pretty poorly in the Husky losses. Mason Foster leads the Huskies on the defensive side of the ball. Mason Foster has the second most amount of tackles in thee nation. All of the Seniors are hoping that this won't be the last meaningful game of their college careers for them.

The Huskies and Bears met last year in Seattle. That night the Huskies snapped a five game losing skid on Senior night. Furthermore, it handed Cal a 42-10 defeat. California has not forgotten about that beat down last year and would like to return the favor. In addition, California would love to leave Memorial Stadium with a win as it will be going through renovations next year. The Golden Bears temporary new home will be AT&T Park where the San Fransisco Giants play baseball. The Golden Bears will return to their home for 2012.

When it is all said and done the Huskies won't be able to stop the running attack of Shane Vereen. Jake Locker will play well but not well enough. The final score will be 27-19 and Washington will go back to Seattle thinking what could of been.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Maui Invitational Day Three

The Washington Huskies yesterday showed that they could play with almost any team in the nation as they fought hard but came up on the short end of the stick against #2 Michigan State in a 76-71 Bronze medal game. The Huskies, who built a 44-34 lead at halftime were not able to put the game away as missed free throws and empty possessions down the stretch proved to be the difference.

However, you half to feel optimistic as a Huskies fan for this season. This Maui Invitational was one of the most competitive tournaments of all time. Washington could of easily won all of their games this tournament . Also, Michigan State and Kentucky will be the two best teams the Huskies will play all year until March.

The bottom line in the game is that Michigan State coach Tom Izzo out Coached Lorenzo Romar. During the last few minutes of the game every sideline play Izzo drew up out of a timeout work to perfection, In contrast Romar's sideline plays were anything  but perfection.

It is often said in big time games your best players have to be your best players and in the last two games for Washington that hasn't happened. Matthew Bryan Amaning missed key three throws down down the stretch. None more bigger when he went 1/2 from the charity stripe with 14 seconds to go in the game. Just brings me back to the Texas Tech game last year.

Sure the Huskies are right their. The Huskies didn't play the best they could of played but they only lost by five points. The problem with this Washington team is that they're in a very weak Pac 10 this year. The situation is very similar to last years situation. Last year the Huskies were 21-9 entering the Pac 10 tournament and had to win all three games just to get in to NCAA tournament and get a 11 seed. This is why every game this year will feel like a playoff game.

Kalian Lucas had a good game for Michigan St. and so did Durrell Summers. Draymond Green filled in admirably off the bench with 12 points.

The Huskies will now have five days to re-group and work on their offensive sets, rebounding and free throws before they take on Long Beach St. on Tuesday at 8pm.

Yesterday's Final:

 Kemba Walker put Uconn on his shoulders last night as Uconn soared to 84-67 win over Brendon Kinght ad the Kentucky Wildcats. Kentucky was not able to over come a 50-29 deficit at halftime. With the win Uconn is a better team than most experts predicted. We will see if the hype will continue as they should get tested most nights when Big East play starts in January. For Kentucky, the Wildcats showed that their not as they were last year. We will see if Enes Kanter ever gets to play this year. If not this team I think a year away from being a great team.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maui Invitational Day Two Recap Day Three Preview

The Washington Huskies played a very emotional game tonight and came away with a 74-67 defeat to the hands of the Kentucky Wildcats.

Huskies fans who were waiting for this game for a long time were looking for some justice with Kentucky fans for what happened over the off-season with the Terence Jones mess. The Huskies fans never got any. All they got was a bunch of horrible calls from to the refs.

The game started great for the Huskies. They forced turnovers on the first to defensive possessions and scored twice on first two offensive possessions and made John Calipari call a early timeout. Kentucky made the adjustments that were needed to make and before you could blink Washington was down 20-6. Then it was Washington's turn to re-group they calmed down and surprisingly had a 35-34 lead at halftime. In the second half both teams traded leads as the intense back in fourth game was getting more intriguing by the second. Kentucky slowly pulled away and Washington wasn't able to re group as they were in foul trouble all game and their bench players were not able to bring the team back.

Matthew Bryan Amaning and Isaiah Thomas both had pretty disappointing efforts in today's big game. You combine that with Terence Jones and Brandon Knight both having solid games for Kentucky and that equals a  devastating loss. The refs were a bit inconsistent at times but they were the same refs for both teams.

In the other Semi Final it was Uconn upsetting #2 Michigan State.  Uconn stayed with Michigan State until Kemba Walker took over the game with his team leading 30 points including the game wining shot with under a minuet to go.

Michigan State is the Huskies next opponent. The Spartans are one of the best coached teams in College Basketball by Coach Tom Izzo. Furthermore, the team returns four starters from last years final four team that lost to tournament runner-up Butler.

The Spartans best player is Kailan Lucas. He averages 17 points per game and has been a key contributor for Head Coach Tom Izzo. If the Huskies want to come home with a third place finish they have to do a better job rebounding as too many times Kentucky was able to get the Offensive rebound tonight.

My prediction is that Tom Izzo will get his kids up for the game and Lorenzo Romar's team will not be mentally prepared to play and the Spartans will slip past the Huskies 81-74. Look for Durrell Summers to have a big game for the Spartans as he has been quiet this Tournament with only 19 points total over the two games. The game will be an appox. 2pm tip off on ESPN2.

Tomorrow's Final:

Kentucky and Uconn has all the ingredients for this game to be a all time classic. Both teams are playing great basketball right now and Tomorrow's final should be no exception. Look for Uconn to make a upset bid but Kentucky will find away to win.

Final Score: 69-64

Maui Invitational Day One Recap Day Two Preview

The Maui Invitational is off to a great start. On Monday we saw some great games including Wichita St. losing a heart breaker to Uconn and Michigan  St. squeaked by host Chaminade.

Washington also defeated Virginia tonight by a final score of 106-63. It was a very good shooting clinic  from the whole team as the Huskies shot 17-26 from the field from 3-point range as a team. However, the game tonight should not be over hyped. Virginia is underachieving just a bit to start the year. Kentucky will be a ligament team that should give Washington a headache on the offensive end as well on the defensive end. These two teams also have a little bit of a rivalry going on.

The Kentucky - Washington rivalry was not born on the court like most rivalries or it was not even born during the regular season. It was born on April 30th 2010. A day I will flash you back to.

Friday, April 30th, 2010. The Texas Rangers were in town for a three game weekend series at Safeco Field. Starting Pitcher Cliff Lee was going to make his Mariners debut that night and I was very excited. The Mariners had played 500. ball for the first part of the season but so had the rest of the AL West. As a true Seattle sports fan I had my Mariners Jersey that day. During last the last block of the day I was not thinking of school work. I was thinking of Cliff Lee. I knew he was a great pitcher and I thought he could take us to the World Series.

The day got even better when I went on the computer after school. Washington had just signed two highly scouted recruits. Terrance Ross and Terrance Jones had signed a letter of intent to go to Washington. Immediately I knew that this team had turned into a Final Four type team. With Cliff Lee going for the Mariners this could turn out to be a really awesome day.

The day however did not end well. Cliff Lee pitched 7 brilliant innings. His counter part that day was C.J. Wilson who also pitched extremely well matched zeros with him the hole night. The Rangers ended up wining that game 2-0 in 12 innings. The Mariners season started to go down the drain and so did the idea of having Terence Ross and Terence Jones on the same team was as well.

The Mariners season ended in a failure and so did the Jones-Ross saga, Mid way through June Terence Jones changed his mind and signed with Kentucky.

Now, four months later, Washington gets a shot at redemption.  A Huskies victory over a youthful yet very talented Kentucky team would put the team at a national stage. Every team wants to beat Kentuky but for Lorenzo Romar and the Washington Huskies it would be even more special.

The Huskies will have to play a pretty solid game to beat the Kentucky. An 106-63 win over a less then impressive Virginia team may look good. However, Kentucky is at a way higher level then Virginia and the turnover numbers have to be lower as Washington committed nine turnovers today. That is a number that has to be a touch lower if Washington wants to pull off the slight upset.

In the end it will be Kentucky that will come away with the nail biting victory 78-73 in overtime. Washington has had a lot of heart breaking loses over the past five years and this one will be no exception. Brandon Knight will have a big game and so will Terence Jones who had 29 points and 13 rebounds. Jones will have the dagger in Overtime. I also have a feeling the refs will not be on our side as well. The game tips off at appox. 6:30 Pacific time and can be seen on ESPN2.

Other Notes.

Uconn beat Wichita St. 83-79
I was still at school didn't watch this game.

Kentucky defeated Oklahoma 76-64
Kentucky was way too strong for Oklahoma. Whenever Oklahoma made it close Kentucky would go on a run to widen the lead. Brandon Knight and Terence Jones provided a good one-two punch.

Michigan St. beat Chaminade  82-74
For a while Michigan State was on upset alert. But Chaminade didn't have the depth to compete and the Spartans slowly pulled away late in the second half.

Today's Games.

Chaminade against Wichita St.   11am tip
I think it will be hard for Chaminade to get up for this game after being so close to the upset tonight. Wichita St. by about 10.

Oklahoma against Virginia     appox.   1:30 tip
What team is worse? I think Oklahoma will be full of confidence from staying within 12 points. Tony Bennett will have a hard time getting his players ready after giving up 106 points. Oklahoma by 15.

Michigan St. against Uconn    appox.     4pm tip
We will see if Michigan State had a bad game or  if they're not playing good basketball right now. Uconn will give them a run for their money but the Spartans will prevail. It will be closer then the experts think.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Maui Invitational Day One

Tomorrow the Washington Huskies men's basketball team will play their first game at the 2010 Maui Invitational. The opponent waiting for them is the Virginia Cavilers. The Huskies will face a familiar face in Tony Bennett. Bennett was the coach of Washington's cross state rival Washington State Cougars from 2006-2009.

Tony Bennett had a record of 5-2 as the Washington St. coach versus Washington. In fact when Washington swept the Cougars in 2008 that stopped a five game losing streak versus Bennett and Washington St.

Virginia should be the first real test for Matthew Bryan Amanning and the Washington Huskies. Virginia is 2-1 and in the middle of a six game road trip. The road trip started in Stanford on Friday night when the Cardinal beat up on the Cavilers 81-60.

Virginia and Washington have only played one time. That meeting came in 1983 when the Cavilers squeaked by the Huskies 65-61.  Washington will try to return  the favor tomorrow.

Washington during their first two games have had no problem scoring and rebounding. That could change  versus Virginia as the Cavilers are very big with their best player being Forward Mike Scott. Scott is listed at 6-8 and is averaging 15 points and 9 rebounds per game. However, this will be a challenge  I think Amaning can handle.

Washington is by far the more athletic team. Virginia will try their very not to make the game into a track meet. What should Washington do? Try to make the game into a track meet. Virginia does not have the athletes that Washington does. The more Wore down the Cavaliers get the more times Bennett has to use his less than stellar bench. My prediction is a well deserved 84-71 win in a game Washington will play as a team and deal with a little bit of adversity. The game is a appox. 9pm Seattle time tip-off and can be seen on ESPN2.

Other Notes:
Wichita St. versus Uconn     12pm tip

If there is going to be a upset on Day one this will be the game. Wichita St. made some noise in the tournament and play Uconn. Uconn is not as strong as it has been in past years. Wichita St. is a team I believe should have made the NCAA tournament last year. They started 11-1 last year with their only loss to Pitt.

Michigan State  versus Chaminade   6:30pm tip

If Chaminade pulls of the upset it will be a bigger upset then when Appalachian State beat Michigan in football a few years ago.

Oklahoma versus Kentucky    appox. 2:30pm tip

Kentucky has loaded up on young talented Freshman yet again. The only way Oklahoma pulls off the upset is if  Oklahoma uses experience to their advantage. I don't see that happening. Kentucky wins big.

Weather Forecast for Maui:

Cloudy Periods
81 F
66 F


Monday, November 15, 2010

Washington Versus Eastern Washington Preview

When you think of Eastern Washington you might think of Football and their red turf. But when the Washington Huskies and the Eastern Washington Eagles renew their in-state rivalry tomorrow at Hec. Ed. they will be playing basketball and it won't be on red turf.

This will be the Huskies last tune up before heading to the tropical island of Maui, where they will take part in the Maui Invitational. The key for the Huskies will be trying to get their best players being their best players. This includes having Matthew Bryan Amaning rebounding, Vernoy Overton playing good defense and Isaiah Thomas scoring at a consistent rate. All of these things will have to be present in Maui if the Huskies plan to make some noise next week.

The Eagles are out of the Big Sky conference which only received only one NCAA tournament bid last year, which went to the Montana Grizzlies who gave the Dawgs a run for their money for the whole game. Washington did end up wining the game 63-59.

Eastern Washington only won nine games last year, which was three less from two years ago. The team should be fired up playing a team that is picked by some to go far in the NCAA tournament. Eastern Washington hasn't had a wining season since 2007.

During the past meetings versus Eastern Washington, The Huskies have done a great job winning all of the games since December 2002. That Huskies team was very inexperienced. The likes of Nate Robinson and Bobby Jones were bench players.

However, having lack of experience should not be a factor tomorrow night. The Huskies almost have the same game plan as they did last year which was run. Last year the Huskies were most dangerous when they ran up and down the floor. The Huskies will be able to have an advantage every game to just run the opponent out of the gym. This will be vital in the Maui as they will have the least amount of travel of every team except for the host. So making their opponents run will be a great way to ware down the opposing teams they play next week.

Okay, I know I look like an idiot by giving you the keys to next weeks big tournament but the reality of tomorrows game is it's a tune up game for The Maui Invitational because if the Huskies goof around tomorrow you can expect the Huskies will not accomplish their goals next week. The game will be a high scoring game with the final score being 96-71 Huskies.

The game will tip off at 7pm and will be televised on FSN NW.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Huskies Basketball Season Preview

The Washington Huskies basketball team start their season today versus McNeese St with high expectations. This is Lorenzo Romar's ninth year of coaching the Huskies and he has every reason to believe that this will be be the year that Washington could make it to the elite eight.

The Huskies return nine players from a explosive team last year that had a great end to the season after wining the Pac 10 tournament as a #3 seed and advancing to the Sweet 16 as a 11 seed for the third time since 2005.

The Huskies also return four out of the five starters from last year. The only person missing from the starters last year was Quincy Pondexter. Pondexter had a up and down year last year however, he did average 19.3 points per game last year.

To make up that crucial 19 points, Romar went out and signed three top recruits including Jefferson High School star Terrence Ross. Ross will help make up the scoring with his outstanding three point shot. . We also can't forget Sophomore Aziz N' Diaye. He ran a mile in five minuets and that will sure help the teams transition game that Romar loves to play.

Rebounding will be another key. Since the Graduation of John Brockman the Huskies haven't found that go to guys to get the rebounds. Lets hope that Aziz N' Diaye will help rebounding this year.

C.J. Wilcox is coming off a red shirt season. Wilcox is a 6-5 Guard. He should be a good rebounder and knock down the timely shot. Give him four years and he could be a major contributor in his Senior year.

The Huskies season ended last year when the West Virgina Mountaineers beat us 69-56. I just finished watching that game and from what I saw during that game this could be a good year. Which is not what I thought before I watched the game. If you can recall Pondexter was in foul trouble the hole game, yet they were leading at half 29-27. Furthermore, Washington was turning the ball over lots and taking bad shots at the wrong time. Could this be the year?

This is not the answer that most Husky fans want to hear. No. The Huskies will play in another weak Pac 10. Therefore the Dawgs will have to have a really impressive conference record to be a #1, #2 or #3 seed. To get a top 3 seed they will have to run the table like the 2008 Memphis Tigers team did in the C-USA. Which means they will be at least a #4 seed which would see them playing a number 1 seed in the Sweet 16. The Huskies were 11-7 in the youthful Pac 10 last year. A 21-9 record and a Pac 10 tournament title got them a 11 seed. So would a 13-5 record and a Pac 10 tournament title mean a 9 seed. All this means is playing the #1 seed a round early.  So my answer is no. The Huskies will not make it to the Elite eight.

One thing that is on the Huskies side is their non conference  schedule. The Huskies will travel to Maui for the Maui Invitational. This will mark the first time ever the Huskies will take place in the Maui Imvatational. The Field of eight teams could be the best ever with the likes of Mich. St., Kentucky, Uconn and Witchita St.

In the end the Huskies will look at this season as a productive season. They will be runners up in the Pac 10 Regular season next to UCLA, Semi Finalists in the Pac 10 tournament, a 6 seed in the NCAA Tournament and a heartbreaking loss in the second round. Though the Huskies will consider this a good season.

Just one other note about Huskies Basketball. The Huskies have already signed four high school players to their team next year Including Tony Wroten Jr. None of them are planning to pull a Terrence Jones who signed with Kentucky who said he would go to UW. By the way T.J. finished with 25 points and 12 assists for the Wildcats who won their game today 88-65 over ETSU.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Niehaus Meant To Me

When I heard the news of Dave Niehaus's death I was shocked. It was about 5:45pm. My Mom had just picked me up from football practice and she needed some Lettuce for Dinner. When she was about to leave I politely asked my Mom to turn the radio on. I had known nothing yet.

The Radio was tuned into 1040. The Vancouver B.C. station. The Vancouver Canucks were off yesterday so I wanted to hear what they were talking about on 950 KJR. I assumed they would be talking about Huskies Basketball/football or Seahawks, never in my wild imagination I would hear what I  hared.

The radio station was playing the Double in 1995. Since it was November my first reaction was he retired. I quickly got out my cell phone and phoned my dad. to ask him if he retired. He had no idea what I was talking about. However, it was much worse. Dave Niehaus had passed away at the age of 75 due to a heart attack in his home. I was Devastated.

Dave has meant a lot to me. I am a high school student living in a city one hour east of Vancouver, Canada and fell in love with the Mariners when I was in Elementary school being a M's fan in Canada is hard. Unlike the fans in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho. Canadian television does not get the amazing channel FSN NW. I have a channel in Canada called Sports Net Pacific. It gets about 50 games a year. Add that to the nine Blue Jay games I will get, About three White-sox games I will get, five on FOX on Saturday I enjoy and three or four random games on through out the year; I watch just under half of the Mariner games per year. So Dave Niehaus and my radio meant a lot to me because he was my source for finding out how they did day after day. Especially when I was young and my bed time was in the middle innings  he gave the the play by play when I was in bed since he was on the radio from the fourth inning on.

I know how it feels to be a Mariners fan. I know when are Division Titles were, the years we went to the ALCS and how many numbers are retired at Safeco Field. I'm going to flash you back to another sad day in Mariners history. It was Saturday October 2nd 2004. The Texas Rangers were in town and at the park that night was Edgar Marinez ceremony night. Furthermore, Ichiro had just broken the single season mark for hits in a season. The best thing of all was I would be in attendance. The game wasn't a great game at all, Rangers won 10-4 but we saw a Ichiro ceremony before the game and Edgar's ceremony after. I remember Bug Selig being at the game fans booing him, After the game my family went down to the 100 level to get better seats for the farewell to Edgar. I remember Niehaus talking about the Mariners were the only team he played for, the Double and lastly that he would have a street named after him. So that is my Niehaus story and I will never forget it.

But Nieuhas was not just a broadcaster. He was a Seattle Icon every which way you look at it. He new the game his Vocabulary was extraordinary, but their was one thing that stood out to me the most. He was a Mariners fan. When the team was doing well he was excited. On the other hand if the team was playing bad he would tell you about. I can't stand those broadcasters like Hawk an DJ for the White-soxs saying stuff like "he gone" or "the good guys are winning." I can't stand that. The make it seem that the White-sox are the best team ever. But Dave Nieuhas wasn't that kind of broadcaster and considering he never wanted to take days off I think he is one of the best broadcasters on Earth. He is on the Same list as Joe Buck, Brent Musburger and Vince Scully.

I will have another story to tell closer to Opening Day.

You will be missed Dave Niehaus.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Huskies Lose but Show Some Promise

The Washington Huskies were looking to continue the surprising trend this year of the #1 team getting upset For a quarter and a half  what was thought to be a miracle was turning into a reality  as they had forced a turnover on a fumble and also on downs. However, when the Oregon offence woke up their was no looking back as it was becoming obvious that the Ducks were on route to a 53-16 win.

For the Huskies to have pulled off the upset today the Dawgs would of had to play a perfect game. And yet it was a much improved game from last Saturday, their is still plenty of room for improvement. Numerous times during the game the Huskies wide receivers dropped balls with some of them would of led to a first down. Also, the Huskies had a horrible 3rd down conversion rate of 2-16. When you are trying to upset a superior team like Oregon that stat has to be more 10-16. Lastly we needed to be way more discipline to win this game as the Huskies had 12 penalty's for a total of 84 yards. That stat is also unacceptable as the number of penalty's must be in the single digits.

There were some positives that came from the game on Saturday. Keith Price looked very calm in the pocket, he made good decisions through out the game and his numbers showed that as he finished with 14/28 127 yards 1 TD and no INT's. He did not turn the ball over shows his composer and will help him hopefully help him through out the four years he wears the purple and gold.

Oregon is now 9-0 for the first time in school history. The football crazy fans in Eugene are counting down the days till the BCS National Championship game. The Ducks control their own destiny which means if they win out they will most likely be in that game. My thought is that they will go undefeated and beat whoever opposes them in the Title game.

The big reason why Oregon wore Washington down today was because of the Oregon's deadly running game. LaMichel James had another great game with 26 carries for 121 yards and three TD's. He is in the hunt for the Heisman Trophy. He used strength and speed to power his way to a great day.

If you are a Huskies you have to feel optimistic. I am a very optimistic person who believes on November 6th 2010 the Husky football program will change forever. I believe that Coach Sark is the coach to bring us to a bowl game. We have a bye week to recharge are batteries. Lets finish at least 5-7 this year. Build some momentum in the first two games next year. Fight hard versus Nebraska, beat Cal in Pac 12 opener then on   October 1st 2011 we go into Utah and beat them in a classic game because of Keith Price getting the experience in Saturday's game. The Dawgs will be 4-1. I have a feeling! Call me stupid but I have a special feeling that the Huskies program is turning around.

So the Huskies will have a dozen days to prepare for Senior night. It will be a very emotional day for the Seniors who when the signed their letter of intent four years ago thought they had a good chance to get to a bowl game. Well its still possible but its unlikely the Seniors will want to play one of their best games of their carer to try to get to 4-6 and keep their bowl hopes alive. The game is a Special Thursday night game at 5pm on ESPN.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Huskies Versus Ducks Preview

        The Huskies today will face one of the best teams in College football when they travel down to Eugene for a tilt versus the #1 ranked Ducks of Oregon.

      For Husky fans traveling to Eugene has been a nightmare the past five years including their last trip in their season opener in 2008. It was August 30th and Husky fans had high hopes for their team after a 4-8 2007 team which showed a great offence and a struggling defence. The Huskies got off to a very sluggish start and after the first quarter we were trailing 14-0. The second quarter saw the Huskies creep closer to the energetic ducks but a disaster of a second half saw the Ducks run away with a 44-10 victory. 

    However, a 44-10 loss today and the majority of the Huskies fans would be pretty satisfied considering the terrible performance last Saturday. Washington was defeated 41-0 to the Cardinal of Stanford, a team that Washington thought they had a chance to compete with at the start of the year. 

   To put this into perspective. I can't recall a huskies game that I thought we were going to get destroyed by so much. Chip Kelly and his Oregon Ducks team might have one of the best offences in College football history scoring at a pace of  just under a point per minuet. Which is best in the country this year. 

     Thus, the scariest  thing of the game today I have not touched on yet. Jake Locker, who has been battling a hip problem maybe all year and will not start in today's rivalry game. Instead, it will be true Freshman Keith Price. Keith Price has been in a few of the games this year, most noticeable would be the USC game where he found Chris Izbick for a 1 yard touchdown catch. Price has a QB rating of 126.7 but those numbers are misleading as he is only thrown nine passes but he has completed five of them. After today's game we will have a good understanding of where he will stand for next year. The reason for not starting Nick Montana is if he sees no game action this year he can still be a Freshman next year. 

This game will also mark the first game my buddy Boseko Lokombo plays versus my favorite team. Bo was a grade 12 student when I was in grade 10. He decided to sign his letter of intent with Oregon. Other schools who were in the mix were: WSU, Cal, Boise State an LSU. 

My key for the Washington Huskies today is to believe. I believe that anything is possible. The Husky players have to as well. Your not going to win anytime in College Football if you think your going to lose. I believe. 

The spread in today's game is an enormous 35 points. That is a spread that you don't see everyday in Pac 10 play. The Huskies haven't  done so well against the spread this year going 2-6. My prediction for the game is the Huskies will be feeling the pain a number of times and will end up losing 65-7. 

The game has been picked by ABC and will be at 12:30pm. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Huskies Football program has Never Been More Down After 41-0 to Stanfordd

      The Washington Huskies just got destroyed on Saturday losing 41-0 to Stanford on Saturday. The Huskies were not prepared to play as it was most of the time a positive play for Stanford and a negative play for the Huskies.

      Was that their Junior Varsity team out there? That's what you would think if you went on the computer to ESPN after the game and looked up the score you would think Stanford was playing the Huskies Junior Varsity team because honestly the Dawgs were that bad.

     However, I will say one positive the false start on the Huskies first drive took all the energy out of the stadium. The Huskies were moving the ball at a good pace controlling the clock when they got called for a False Start. Instead of it being a 3rd an1 it was a 3rd and 6. The Huskies did not convert and had to punt and after the Cardinal went up 7-0 the game seemed over.

   The Huskies are now 3-5 overall and 2-3 in Pac 10 play. If Washington wants to make a bowl game they will have to win three out of their last four games. Considering the fact that we play Oregon next week, we might half to win are last three games which will include: Senior Night versus UCLA, @ Cal and the Apple Cup to finish off the year.

     Lets be honest, going to a bowl game seems so far away after one would think after the worst home loss in Husky history. You have to go back to 1976 for the last time the Huskies got shut out at home. That day we played the California Golden Bears.

    After the loss it seems that everyone is starting to put blame on Coach Sark. That shouldn't be the case. Stanford is a very under rated football team that I believe will end if in  the Rose Bowl because Oregon will run the table and play for the title. I have said this all year Husky fans stay with your team and we will bee a national team soon.

    If I am Coach Sark this is what I say to the media: " That wasn't Husky football. Husky football is competitive and we weren't today. You will never see this team play like this as long as I am the Coach, You will never see so many fans leave their seats in the second quarter like you did today as long as I'm the coach, you will never see someone work its coaching staff as hard as I will work my assistants and you will never see a coach push his players as hard as I will push them. God Bless"

  Next week the Huskies head to Eugene to take on the #1 ranked Ducks of Oregon. This is a tough week for me because everyone in my school likes Oregon because of the great Boseko Lokombo. Furthermore, my friends know I like Washington so they rub it in because they think they have the best team ever. The game will be on ABC at 12:30pm.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Huskies Versus Stanford Preview

     Tonight the Washington Huskies could pretty much pencil themselves into one of the 30 something bowls with a win versus Stanford a very good team that is 6-1 with its only loss to a excellent Oregon team that has their sights on a BCS National Championship.

      Stanford is 6-1 and has scored points at a scorching rate and don't miss Tony Gerhart at RB at all. Their sights this year are set at trying to get to a BCS Bowl which, if they go undefeated the rest of the way should be heading to the Rose Bowl on January 1st. 

     Standing in their way this week is Coach Sark and the Washington Huskies. Their 3-4 record doesn't say how explosive of a team this  team can be as the Huskies three wins have came from Syracuse, Oregon St. and USC. Three teams I might add that all have winning seasons so far.

    The UW-Stanford rivalry is not much of a rivalry. Stanford football has been bad for many years but now are getting their program back up to where every school wants to be. In 2006 Stanford only had one win that year and that win coming versus Washington at Husky Stadium with the final score being 20-3. In the end this loss knocked the Dawgs out of a bowl game. In 2008 the 0-3 Huskies were looking for their first win of the season. The Huskies started playing good football but when Jake Locker went down with his thumb injury, the game changed in the Cardinal favour and Washington's season went down the drain.

     Who is the better QB Andrew Luck or Jake Locker? If the NFL draft is tomorrow I know who I am picking. No its no it won't be the guy in purple today. For the first time since the Nebraska game Jake Locker will not be the best QB today. Andrew Luck is a very smart QB who makes good choices of where he wants to go with the ball. His stats show it with 19 TD passes and five INT's. 

    However, my bigest key for Washington today is to limit Stanford's big gains when Stanford has the ball.If Washington can do this I believe that UW can improve to 4-4. Or a loss will set them back to 3-5. This is a massive game if Washington wants to make it to a bowl for the first time in 8 years. 

    When the 60 minuets have been played and the game is over my thinking is that Stanford will win this game. The game will be a high paced game with Stanford wining 36-31. Stanford is too strong offensively and Jake Locker isn't quite 100%. 

     The game is set for a 4pm kickoff and can be seen on Versus. 


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wildcats Dump Huskies 44-14

      Last night the Huskies were looking to improve to 3-1 in the Pac 10 but it just wasn't to be as Washington looked like the 2008 team that went 0-12 and were never in any games.

     A promising start was in order for the Huskies which they got forced a Turnover on Arizona's first drive and marched right down the field to lead 7-0. But after that it was all Wildcats who scored 17 straight points to lead 17-7. Washington then got on a good drive and scored a touchdown set up by good field position by the special teams. However that was the last time that the Special teams were special for the Huskies. Their Defence played almost as bad as they did versus Nebraska and the offence never seemed to click. The Wildcats won the game 44-14.

     Softy said it perfectly on his radio show Friday. This would be one of the biggest Seattle Sports weekend in a long time. Washington had a chance to maybe crack the Top 25 with a win and well the Seahawks still have a chance to be first place in the NFC West come Monday morning. All in all a terrible start to the weekend because of a coupple things.

     Firstly, Washington had major holes in their defence the whole game. Arizona had big play after big play. In fact Arizona did not punt the ball in the first half and only punted the ball twice the entire game. If this doesn't change this week Stanford will score touchdown after touchdown the Huskies Bowl chances will be decreasing.

     Also, Washington's offence was no where to be seen for the most part of the game. Dropped balls were again an issue as this prevented the offence to get any momentum what so ever. Furthermore, When Washington fell behind early their play calling got really predictable and it showed as Jake Locker got sacked a few times and also fumbled twice.

      Lets give Arizona some credit. They have the best rated defence in the Pac 10 which I doubted that it was any good before the game. They had play three very weak teams and Cal could of been counted as number four as they did not have their best stuff on that day.

     Maybe the biggest thing that was preventing the Huskies from getting their offence going was the health of Jake Locker. He was for sure not 100% and he showed it as he was uncomfortable  doing his boot legs and what he does best when he is healthy.

      What can I say. My key to the game was dead on. Washington let Matt Scott back up QB to be his self in the first quarter. Washington had no pressure on him when Scott settled in he never looked back on route to his teams 44-14 victory.

     Next week the Huskies will play another Pac 10 foe of the Stanford Cardinal. They're led by QB Andrew Luck and can put points up on the board in a hurry. Stanford is off to a great start to the season with its only loss to Oregon in Eugene 52-31 a game they had a lead in 24-3 at one point.

      My question is which team will show up? If the good Washington team shows up we have a chance to even up their record at 4-4. However if it is the bad team that shows up I will be writing about the Huskies basketball team season preview instead.

     The game will be a 4pm start and can be seen on Versus.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Huskies Tavel to Tucson to Take on Wildcats

      Today the Washington Huskies will try to start 3-1 in Pac 10 play for the first time since 2001. That year the Huskies went to the Rose Bowl where they beat the Purdue Boilermakers 34-24.

      However if the Huskies are going to become 3-1 they will have to beat a very good Arizona team who is 5-1 and coming of a 24-7 win versus UW's biggest rival Washington State. Just like last week though the Huskies got very lucky when they found out that Star QB Nick Foles is out with an injury that will give back up Quarterback Matt Scott will start the pitiable Pac 10 game.

      There is a lot at stake tonight for this game in the desert. The winner will find themselves in second place come Monday morning which is pretty significant considering Oregon seems unstoppable as they defeated UCLA Thursday with a 60-13 win and has their sights set on the National title game not the Rose Bowl..

     With the breaking news we were informed with on Thursday with the division arrangement.  Washington could be making their last trip to Tucson until 2012 or 2013. Which is unfortunate considering all the good games these two teams have had in past years.

      Lets Flashback to 2006. Washington was 3-1 overall and 1-0 in Pac 10 and coming of a great 29-19 win over UCLA, a game the Bruins blew a 16-0 lead. Arizona came in to the game 2-2. It was the Wildcats Pac 10 opener.  After a scoreless first quarter Washington led 21-3 at half and held on to a 21-10 victory. The following year Arizona got some sweet redemption. With Washington leading 41-26 early in the 4th, Arizona scored 22 straight points and won the game 48-41. This was a crucial loss for UW as they were 3-5 at the time and instead of being 4-5 Washington was 3-6. In 2009 it was Washington's  turn to get revenge. The Huskies were just coming off a heartbreaking loss to ND.  The Huskies after having the lead 14-10 at half fell behind 33-21 with four minutes to go. UW quickly moved down the field and got a Touchdown with two minutes to go. Then the in probable happened. UW returned a interception for a touchdown and with the two point conversion the Huskies took the lead 36-33. That was the final score and Washington moved to 3-3.

     The game today will come down to how uncomfortable will Washington make back up QB Matt Scott. If he settles in during the first quarter he might get into a rhythm that he might just stay in for the hole game. Consequently if Scott is intimidated by the big stage and doesn't get into the rhythm that he wants to Washington has a great shot of pulling off this slight upset.

     The Huskies will come away victorious tonight by a final score of 30-17. Jake Locker will make plays and the defence will get an interception for the second consecutive week.

     This will be Locker's first start @ Arizona as he was injured with his broken finger. The game starts at 7:15 and can be seen of ESPN.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Huskies Win Double Overtime Thriller

The Washington Huskies Saturday played a resilient Oregon St. team and came away with a 35-34 2OT win which will be a game the Dawgs look back on if they end up going to a bowl game. 

     In a game for the ages the game ended when Oregon St. coach Mike Riley decided to go for two instead of logical extra point try to send it to triple Overtime. In Addition the play selection was very questionable as the Beavers decided to go into a shotgun formation which told Defensive coordinator  Nick Holt that they were most likely passing since Ryan Katz is not a scramble QB like Locker is.

     You can say what you want about great games by Huskies but this one ranks as one of most all time great Husky  games. Firstly there were ties in football games up till 1995 so really you can't say there was a better game then this one on Saturday night. Sure it is up their in the best games ever in Husky history with the 1990 game vs USC, 1991 Rose Bowl vs Michigan , the 1992 game vs Nebraska, the 1994 game vs Miami, 2009 game vs USC and 2009 game vs Arizona. All of these games were great Husky wins but none of those wins had the must drama as this one on Saturday night. If I had asked you would take one play for the game on a two point conversion with the Huskies defence with their defence you would most likely just want to play the full game to see what happened because the huskies D is so terrible sometimes.

      That's what happened and on a magical weekend where the Hawks beat the bears, some of that magic that was in Chicago on sunday was in Husky Stadium on Saturday as the Beavers elected to pass and the pass was incomplete with no flags on the plays as Husky fans from all around the globe erupted in excitement. 

     It is not a true classic though without some controversy and with 4th and 1 for Oregon St. in the second OT Katz  pass fell incomplete and the huskies started to celebrate  although a late flag came in which was pass interference  on UW giving OSU new life. If Oregon St. ended up wining that game their could of been major riots and these two football programs would of been bitter rivals as long as College Football existed. 

      The game started slowly for Washington they fumbled on their first drive but once the team got going the team looked unstoppable as they built a 21-0 lead mid way through the second quarter. Once Rogers and they Oregon St. offence got going it looked like the huskies would yet again be another typically Huskies loss. But in the second half the Huskies offence came but big including a interception in the end zone that kept this game tied at 21. That was all the scoring in regulation and we were going to OT tied at 21.

      In OT Washington won the toss and decided to play on defence. Oregon St. made quick work of Washington on the Beavers first possession and led 28-21. With Washington needing a Touchdown Locker found Kearse over the middle for a touchdown that nodded the game up at 28. In the second OT this time UW got the ball and made quick work. On 2nd and 17 Locker found  open for his fourth TD catch of the game and Locker's fifth TD pass of game. More importantly the Huskies retook the lead for the first time since they led 21-14. Oregon St. had a chance to score and on their possession they got into a long 3rd and 20. Oregon St. completed a 19 yard pass to set up the dramatic 4th and 1 where the questionable call gave OSU a 1st and goal. Where two plays later UW won on the incomplete pass on the two point conversion. 

     The Huskies Jermaine Kearse had a career day catching four out of five TD passes thrown by Jake Locker. Furthermore with Jake Locker having a TD to interception ratio of just above 4 to 1 does this put him back in the Heisman race. Also the Huskies are now smack damn in the middle for the Rose Bowl race. With Ohio State's loss to Wisconsin Oregon would be in the BCS National Championship game if the season ended today. This would mean Pac 10 #2 would be headed to Pasadena on January 1st.

     Both of those opportunities for Washington is still a long shot considering we are so inconsistent in are play this year. However lets just enjoy this win as it is a major turn around to the 48-21 loss last year we had to the same Beavers.

     Next week the Huskies travel to Arizona to take on the Wildcats. On Saturday Arizona defeated UW's rival WSU 24-7 despite QB Nick Foles going down with an injury. This will help are chances to try to start a two game wining streak something the  Huskies haven't done in ages. The game starts at 7:15 again and will also be on ESPN the same station as on Saturday. 


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Huskies Versus Oregon St. Preview

       Today the Huskies will play what could be a must win game versus Pac 10 rival Oregon St. at Husky Stadium.

     The Huskies are coming off a disappointing effort versus Arizona St. last week where they only scored two majors. In fact one of the majors was set up by special teams and the other by a missed field goal by the Sun Devils.

   So UW will try to get their offence back on track tonight when they play a really good blitzing defence of Oregon St. who beat Arizona in Arizona by a 31-29 score.

   However it wasn't all good news for the Beavers last week. Star Wide Receiver Jacuzzi Rogers went down with an injury, which will sideline him for the rest of the year. Don't blink though the Beavers still have the great James Rogers at running back. He is very quick and can break a lot of tackles so the Huskies defence will have to be on their game or they can forget about going to any bowl game.

     A big loss for the Huskies if he can't go will be junior Devon Aguilar. He will be a big loss if can't go because the Huskies offence struggled mightily last week and a extra option for Locker tonight could make all the difference  for Jake if he has a good game or a bad game.

    When it is all said and done with tonight. The winner of tonight's game will be the team will be the team with the least amount of tackles missed. That leads me to believe it will be the Oregon St. Beavers prevailing tonight under the lights of Husky Stadium. The score will be 33-21.

     The game is another night game kicking off at 7:15 on ESPN.

      P.S. If you haven't heard Eric Wedge in the Mariners new skipper. I will do a blog on that in the coming days.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sun Devils Down Huskies in Rainy Affair

      On Saturday night the Washington Huskies were stepped on, punched at and embossed in front of their home fans as they never could get the right mojo as they fell to Dennis Erickson and the Sun Devils 24-14.

      With the loss this puts Washington in a tough position to make a Bowl game as they will have to go 4-3 just to get bowl eligible and UW will still have to play @ Oregon, @Arizona and VS Stanford on Halloween Eve.

      For ASU they get their first win in Pac 10 play and things are starting to look up. Their right in the middle of a three game road trip before they finish the season with three out of their last five are in Tempe.

    The game started slowly with both teams punting on their first possession but it was ASU who got on the board first nine minuets in and led 7-0. UW quickly came back as they got good field possession and moved the 41 yards for a Washington score that tied the game at 7. Before the end of the quarter ASU re-took the lead to make it 14-7. It stayed that way until the Sun Devils last drive of the first half as they converted another major to extend the lead to 21-7. In the second half it was mostly the same. With the rain coming down hard the offenses were held in check for the most part of the third quarter but UW was on the move in rhe final seconds of the quarter. Early in the 4th on a 4th and 2 Jake Locker found Middleton in the end zone to trim the deficit to 2-14. However that was a close as they came ASU added a Field Goal and ASU won the game 24-14.

      The rain was coming down for most of the game which seemed to favour the underdog Sun Devils as Jake Locker was never really comfortable running which could of led to his mediocre play. Devon Agular did not dress for the game so he was missing one of his go to receivers.

      The bottom line is the Huskies need to get better. Too many times we are moving the ball down field and settling for Field Goals so on rainy nights like Saturday when Folk can't kick that far in the rain we are faced with going for it on 4th and short, which means when are offensive line sucks were in a bit of a hole. This was the case on Saturday as UW went 2-5 on 4th down conversions.

     Of course rain is no excuse for losing because its the same for both teams. Lets not forget this is a very youthful team if you take off Locker and Foster.

     My message for the fans is be patent. Programs like Oregon, Ohio St. Boise St. and Oklahoma don't form over weeks like I think some fans are thinking. Some fans are thinking: We beat USC were the best team in the world because in reality were not. Teams like I just mentioned  above don't come out flat like the Huskies did on Saturday. The game reminded me of the 2008 Stanford game or the 2006 Oregon St. game two games that we should have won which would have boosted are teams moral  more so in the  2006 Oregon St. game, which we had a legitimate shot at a bowl game. Ironically both of the Husky QB's got injured lucky for Locker he did not.

       The big thing for me on Saturday was the amount of big plays the Huskies got. I can count with one hand how many big plays the Huskies had. In contrast the ASU offence had numerous big plays over 15 yards or more. Which leads me to the Huskies next opponent with Oregon St. The Beavers live off the big play from their big play maker Rogers. He has as much speed as a track athlete and if the Dawgs aren't ready Oregon St. will make Washington look like a high school football teams defence.

     The game Starts at 7:15pm and will be on National TV on ESPN2.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

How Times Have Changed

       15 years ago on October 9th 1995 all of Seattle was starting to party because the Miracle Mariners of 1995 had just came back from a 2-0 series deficit to beat the Pinstripes. The Series was caped off by Edgar's double and Griffey's Slide that will always go down as a memorable moment for Seattle sports fans.

      So it was Monday October 9th a work day for most and also a party day. Times were different back then, The Huskies Football team was almost complete their Sanctions, The Sonics looked like they had a bright future ahead of them and the Mariners if they got their new Stadium would make free agents want to come to the great Pacific Northwest.

      15 years later the Sonics are gone the Mariners can't score a run if their life depended on it and the Huskies are two years removed from a 0-12 season. Would you agree that times have changed in Seattle? Could you have predicted all that stuff that I just mentioned.

     Today when the Huskies play their Pac 10 home opener at 7pm the Huskies have a chance to go to 2-0 in the Pac 10 since 2006. A season that the Huskies would have went to a bowl game if Stanback didn't get injured,

    The Huskies opponent today is very similar to Washington in ways that they both have explosive offenses and neither team can tackle. This favours UW in a way that they can use their experience and the home crowd to hopefully power them to victory.

    Washington has not had great success  with the Sun Devils in the past decade only winning once which came in 2001 a 33-31 win in Tempe. However when you make your prediction for tonight's game dont just look at that stat. UW in most of the losses this decade have played ASU tough. In 2008 the Huskies battled hard without Jake Locker losing 39-19. Also in 2006 ASU beat UW in heartbreaking fashion 26-23 in OT.

    Okay I just made it sound that ASU is the big favorite. They are not. The Huskies are a three point favorite but when the spread is that close it really doesn't matter. How I see it is Which ever team makes the most big plays will be the team that comes out victorious.

    My prediction is that Washington will find away to win by forcing turnovers. Steven Threet QB ASU has thrown more interceptions then touchdown passes. The final score will be 45-35 and Washington will be 2-0 in Pac 10 play and ASU will leave Seattle 0-3 in the Pac 10.

    The game is set for a 7pm kickoff and will be seen on FSN.