Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Packers need to Figure Out Who They Are This Offseason

If you are a Packers fan, this morning wasn't a very productive morning for you. After some experts picked Green Bay to win the Super Bowl, the Packers went on to miss the playoffs for the first time since Aaron Rodgers first year as the starting Quarterback.

Not sure how many good years Rodgers has left. Green Bay might want to look at Plan B and think of one before Aaron Rodgers gets hurt again.

This is a tough league to win consistently in. In fact, this is Green Bay's first real dip since the Super Title. Super Man has saved this team from going into one a few years ago and again last year when he said they would win out but this year was too big of a climb.

I'm disappointed in the way things turned out this year but I also know that things would have turned out differently if Aaron Rodgers didn't get hurt.

That being said, Green Bay needs to rely on Aaron Rodgers less in the future. Otherwise, he will be impossible to replace when he retires. Things have gotten stale here and it finally caught up to them. They need other play-makers beside A-Rod.  

I really hope Green Bay finds a way to improve. We need to find a running game and better defense. We can put all the weight on Aaron Rodgers next year.

Right now however, I feel ripped off, the magic died for this team when they lost Rodgers to injury. Lambeau Field isn't intimidating to play in any more and that hurts. Hoping something good is going to come out of this year but waiting is tough.  

Next years Packers schedule looks like this:

2018 Regular Season 

Home Away
Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks
Buffalo Bills New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins  New York Jets
NFC South Same Place Finisher NFC East Same Place Finisher
Minnesota Vikings (Div.) Minnesota Vikings (Div.)
Chicago Bears (Div.) Chicago Bears (Div.)
Detroit Lions (Div.) Detroit Lions (Div.)



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