Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Greg's Journey - January 19th 2021

 I am overcome by joy that I have been able to relax and reflect on the last few years. It hasn't been easy. At first I struggled to get where I wanted to be. From 2016-2018 I was desperate for a change of paste that I never got for various reasons, I plugged away through drinking a lot of Coke and Pepsi. 

Sports was what got me through the tough times. In fact, in 2017 I started my first sports betting account and by putting $100 in the account every month I decided that this was my way of investing. 

By 2018 I upped that amount to $200. Some months I would put more and other months I would put nothing in at all. I told myself if I ever got to $5,000 I would take it all out and move. Somewhere I could be happy with no distractions. 

It never got to that point. I didn't want help from my parents because something didn't seem right about that. At the same time, I didn't want the pressure of a 9-5 job and all that comes with it. There are pros and cons to both sides. 

Life on here is temporary and when your single, money is looked at differently than when you have a wife and two kids. For me it is even more different. I am on disability so getting a free 1,200 every month is important to me. 

This is where I always had trouble accepting what direction I wanted to go in life. I have so many options that at times it felt overwhelming. This is where the phrase the grass is always greener on the other side comes into play. A lot of people would have loved to have the life I have but for me it felt like I was living a life of unfulfilled potential.  

I can fully say that I have reached where I want to be in life. The turning point was Covid for sure as I now realize how good I had things a few years ago. I am going to try my hardest to give you a daily update on here as much as possible. I love my friends on here and I'm hopeful I can never get upset about little things again. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Where Do The Canucks Fit in With the Canadian Division?

 Well, I don't remember that much from our win last night. I had five drinks yesterday but enjoyed the win. Today, I watched by myself and felt frustrated throughout most of the game. 

I'm trying my best to not over react but it is worrisome that we don't have a point target that we think will get us into the playoffs. In an 82 game season, that number is 93. 

Let's do the math, 93 X 56 / 82 = 63.5. If my math is correct, the Canucks have to go 31-23-2 to make the playoffs.

We are 1-1 right now but these early games never sit well with me. I mean it sucks to start the year off 2-5 or 3-4 for that matter. I really like how this team is assembled but we didn't play well against Canadian teams last year going 4-10. 

This is the real process of rebuilding a team. We made the playoffs last year which snapped a four year absence. Making the playoffs last year for me gives me some wiggle room as this team continues to progress. Having a playoffs or bust type attitude is an unhealthy fanbase in my opinion which is what we had from 2010 - 2014. 

Canucks fans need some patience. I want to win a Stanley Cup just as much as the other guy but it won't happen over night. When the Sedin twins were 22 years old we relished at the opportunity to win a division title. 2003 was a very exciting year for me as a fan. This organization now is in a very good place and I don't want that to go away.  Enjoy the process! 

Here is what the standings might look like this year:

Toronto        32-20-4

Montreal     30-20-6

Edmonton    30-20-6

Vancouver   28-24-4

Calgary      27-25-4

Winnipeg    26-26-4

Ottawa       23-31-2

Here is how I think the final standings will end. 500. hockey will likely not make the playoffs unless the top two teams run away with the division. Also it is hard to say what the records will be because of how many three point games their will be. 

Four games over 500 should be good enough because 57% of the division will make the playoffs. 

Four games over 500. is very doable for a team that has this much talent on it. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Suns Are Not a Fluke

 The Phoenix Suns will be gunning for a 7-2 start tomorrow when they play the Detroit Pistons who are going in a completely different direction. 

James Jones the General Manager of the Suns has made the job look extremely easy in his year and a bit on the job. The team is assembled very nicely and don't expect their to be a slow down in the performance. They have beaten projected playoff teams and their seems to be a change in the balance of power in the Western Conference since the Suns 20+ win seasons a few years back. 

For one, Golden State is a 500. team without Klay Thompson. That is one team that the Suns can finish ahead of. Memphis while they have improved, aren't better than the Suns. Minnesota, will be fun to watch but not a playoff team. 

That brings the Suns into the Top 12. OKC is completely rebuilding and will not be a playoff team. The Kings have an unbelievable offense but as we saw in the early season, they struggle defensively and to top it all off, the Houston Rockets are imploding off the court with the James Harden saga. 

That would bring the Suns into the Top nine. From there, the rest of the teams are really good. Out of the other nine, the Suns just have to have a better record than one of them. They have already beat a handful of those teams. Dallas, Utah and Denver all have playoff aspirations. The other part of that is the schedule has been a tough one so far with Phoenix passing with flying colors. 

This front office has finally got it right. Chris Paul isn't the long term answer but he is the ideal Point Guard this year. We shoot well from beyond the arc. 

The NBA's talent gap between the Top four teams and the next tier is so big I can't imagine the roster being any stronger without acquiring a Top 5 player. 

I think Suns fans need to get used to winning. It is here to stay for awhile. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

How Much is the Minimum Someone could Live on?

 So what happened if you turned 19 and you had 5,000 in your savings account. How would you structure your life. The reason I choose 5,000 because it is a number that could be less or could be more depending on your family situation. 

When I was 16, I thought adult life was going to be hard. Yes, life is hard in some ways but I thought it was going to be a different kind of hard. Like, I was going to go to work and come home fried and not feel like I have any free time or I would work so hard that I would never be able to sleep in once I graduated high school. 

The reality is, the first year out of high school you almost have too much free time. Or at least that's how I found it. If you can set up your life the right way, life doesn't have to be such a burden. 

The reason for this is passive income and government money. For someone like me that has Cerebal Palsy, I get 1,183 from the province every month. That isn't much to build on but it will pay for basic needs like rent and a bit of food. You can find a place to live for 700 around BC. It won't be a great place but it will do until you find a better job. 483 dollars is left for the other expenses for the month. 483/31 is 16 dollars a day. 

In this example a phone is not a must because we don't know if we can afford it yet. People get in trouble financially when we spend stuff that we think are but are really wants. 

What I would do in this situation is live a month and observe what you desire in life. If you can't live within 1,183 than get a job. Writing a letter that lets people know that disability rates need to be increased is not the answer. 

The reason you wait a month is because when you have a job you naturally spend more money. If you have to go to school and get a job than use the resources that are available to go to school the right way. 

There are plenty of college courses that are not in the morning and you can still sleep in or have a job at the same time if living in the 1,183 is not doable. 

If a job isn't in order than starting a passive income project might be beneficial. Passive income is anything from investments to a small business on the side. 

Don't ever stress, I'm here to tell you that there are resources available to help for everything. Sometimes there are long waits because our government programs love dragging their feet. The most important thing is that you don't go into debt. 

Also it is important to remember that if anyone judges you for going your own path that is on them. A bad day without work is better than a good day at work. 

My organization is here to help. I would love to hear from you and we can set up an appointment with you that will always be free. My number is 604-825-0532.   

Thursday, October 15, 2020

The RDSP is Rigged for Anyone Living With a Disability

 Money is a tricky thing, no one goes around town blurring out their networth or how much they have in their savings account. 

The reason for this is simply because money is a touchy subject. Most of the time, where we sit financially is from how well our parents did financially. This is a hard reality we always should strive to work for our success. 

The main reason why we don't talk about our finances is because we are all in different stages of the pyramid for lack of better term. For one, 5,000 dollars could be a lot of money but for another person 5,000 is pocket change. 

Despite the numbers being personal, we should always be allowed to share strategy of how to become secure with money. 

Before I get into that, let me explain how rigged the RDSP is to Canadians. 

I have one unfortunately and I'm not happy with the terms. I put $125 into the RDSP every month and the government doubles that to the account. It sounds great and all but there is a catch. I can't take any money out without penalty until I'm 60 and when I am 60, I have to divide the total of my RDSP by 23. From what I have read and understood, that means that I have to live until 83 to reach the rewards and all the benefits. 

This is a problem because the average Canadian male lives until 78. However, I have Cerebal Palsy and can't imagine living until 78. Therefore, I won't be getting all the money back I put into it. For instance, my RDSP has about 72,000 in it. Give or take but I haven't check in awhile and I'm only telling you this to put my example in perspective.     

I have been over 18 for 110 months now. So 110 * 125 is  13,750. I have put 13,750 in my RDSP. Looking at the penalties that are there if I take money out is three quarters goes back to the government. That means that 72,000 / 4 = 18,000. 

If my math is correct, that means I have gained 4,250 from starting one. Sounds amazing but I can't take that money out until I'm 60. News flash, not everyone gets to 60. 

What my suggestion would be is to put in 125 to a Qtrade account and buy stock. You can take the money out whenever you want. Find something that is a dividend stock like BNS and see your money grow without penalty. Your 13,750 on October 15th would be easily around 17,000 and maybe higher. 

You can take out the Qtrade money out without penalty. It's that simple. 

By the way, if I'm wrong. Please tell me how I'm wrong as I'm always wanting to learn. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Skol Thoughts...

By Marty Sheetz 

In hindsight, its 2020. Why wouldn't the wheels fall off why wouldn't the game go exactly like it did? The 1st half the Vikings were exactly the team they want to be. 

They held a 4-0 team to 0 points and a Pro Bowl quarterback to just 40 yards. Dalvin and the offense imposed its will on the Seahawks D and although we all wish the lead could have been larger the half was all Vikings.

 A 13 point halftime lead is far from insurmountable, however. The Seahawks quickly turned that(and us) over(twice) and the lead was theirs. Most NFL games have momentum shifts but that was a huge one. 21 points in under seven minutes can take the wind out of any teams sails.

 Without Dalvin, the Vikings still fought back into the game using a closer mix of run and pass. They even managed to get Mattison over the 100 yard mark. Unfortunately late in the forth he would come up just a half yard short of a 1st down that would have sealed the game.

 This play has a ton to unpack. Everything from if Cook was in would he have made it, to why didn't Mattison go to the giant hole to the right, to why not kick the field goal making it a eight point game. At worst that would have made necessary a long grueling drive to at best force overtime.

 One thing I have yet to see be brought up is why would Zimmer against the Seahawks not be a little weary of kicking a short field goal? Surely a situation such as this has never hurt the Vikings/us fans before? It's a very difficult loss. Another in a long line of both primetime and Seahawks based woes, respectability. However the season is not loss and the uphill battle begins anew next week.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

What Grade Would You give Jim Benning Yesterday?

The Vancouver Canucks made a big splash when they were able to sign goaltender Braeden Holtby with a two-year deal worth $8.6M which works out to be a 4.3 million dollar cap hit. This is a very good move for Vancouver as they are able to save 1.7 million as free agent goaltender, Jacob Markstrom, signed with Calgary for 6 years at $6M each year.

Going forward, the Vancouver Canucks are in a bit of a conundrum. They still hold on to Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes, two very friendly entry level contracts, but that will end next year as they are both due for a big payday. Which leads me to believe the next year will be a rebuilding year for Vancouver as their defense pairings are quite thin as of now. If our young prospects can perform well, the Canucks still might be able to sneak into the playoffs however the approach seems to be building for the future instead of going "all-in" to win the cup. This in my mind is the right thing to do as mortgaging the farm for a one-year cap-run is not a good recipe for success.
Things are at a crossroads and that's ok. What partially ruined our era from 2001 to 2015 was astronomically high Stanley Cup expectations that made our regular seasons somewhat meaningless. This isn't always the best approach as it should always be an accomplishment to make the playoffs.
The positives from yesterday:
We still have our 2021 1st which is huge incase Demko isn't ready for a starting goaltender role and more importantly we still hold a pretty healthy prospect pool despite none of them being a super star caliber.
We need to look at the positives during a pandemic when there are still no fans so why worry about a unorthodox season anyway??? Why can't people understand that????
I give Jim Benning a A- yesterday considering where we are in the process. Let things play out and lets see where we are next spring.