Saturday, October 13, 2018

Oregon is Back!!!

The Oregon Ducks football team is back!1 We defeated a Top 10 team and a Pac 12 Divisional rival that has put Oregon in a position that if they win out, they have a slight shot of being in the CFP.

All Oregon needs to do is win out and have Washington beat Stanford later in the season. If that happens, Oregon will win the North and play for the Pac 12 Championship.

Right now, you could argue that Oregon football has never been higher. 2008-2014 were great years for Oregon but the next great era might have arrived with Mario Cristobal. With the #3 recruiting currently for Oregon, this could be something really special.

Has the balance of power shifted? I desperately want to say yes but I also know that Washington isn't going away either. For now, Oregon is climbing. I really hope Mario Cristobal says at Oregon for a long time. He is a proven recruiter and that should help keep Oregon relevant for a long time.

The win feels like a program changer. A loss would have gave UW that big brother feel that the Ducks didn't need. What makes things tricky is the unbalanced schedule of conference play in the Pac 12 that makes comparing records super hard within the conference.

Lets enjoy the win and enjoy the rest of the year. If we can return to our dominance of 2008-2014, Ducks football is going to be fun again.

5-2, 3-1 Conf

Really hope Oregon makes a run at this conference title. If we want to get greedy we might be able to win conference titles in Football and basketball and that would be special. 

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