Tuesday, October 23, 2018

My Sports Teams Are in a Slump

I hate things that I can't control and between 2010-2015 things were difficult for me. I was starting to feel that I was being left out among my peer group. Along with that, my patience was hard to come by and I took it out on my sports teams.

The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl in 2010 but I didn't really enjoy it. Luckily, I was a Packers fan because my Dad is so I didn't want to be a die-hard Packers fan because I got talked too when I got upset after a loss but their was no one to tell my Dad to smile after a loss.

At one point, me and my Dad shared the Packers and Mariners. We have different teams for hockey and he is still a NBA orphan from when our Vancouver Grizzles moved.

Sports our weird like that, I can't imagine the Memphis Grizzles ever winning a NBA Championship. The Seattle Mariners have the longest playoff drought in North American sports but their day will likely come in the next 15 years.

For me, cheering for different teams relaxes me. Mets, Suns, Canucks and Seahawks. I was lucky to win a Championship when my mental health was under control in February 2014. I had my Mets get to the World Series in 2015, I was starting to feel spoiled.

Now, I haven't see a playoff game since January 2017 and I'm struggling. It goes in cycles I guess but I do wonder what it's like being a Mariners fan right now. If I had never changed any of my teams, I  would have had Grizzlies, Mariners, Canucks and Packers.

The sky is higher for those teams but with my current teams there is a higher floor which is not always a good thing.

Glad I'm taking care of my mental health but there are days I could have done that by just moving away and starting fresh.

I have 79 days left until I start fresh and I'm looking forward to it.

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