Thursday, March 2, 2017

Come Join the Canucks 50/50 Team!

My experience this year has been tremendously impacted in a positive way as I have gained value experience from being able to get more comfortable with handling large sums of money to fans reinforcing me that I'm being a big inspiration by being a positive influence in the community.

I may be a volunteer but my effort and determination go way beyond just accumulating hours in a log book. When you join the Canucks 50/50 team you instantly become part of something special. It's being part of one of the greatest charities in the world that is raising money for beneficiaries such as Canuck Place, BC Children's Hospital and the Canucks Autism Network.

The 50/50 volunteers help out at Vancouver Canucks hockey games throughout the year selling tickets around the concourse and in the stands during the period. A typical shift starts at 5:15 with our team meeting at around 5:35. At around 5:50 we break off and head out to our designated section. Our selling period ends at about 9pm. (End of 2nd Intermission ) We all head back to our meeting area to sort our money before our shift ends at around 9:15.

Being a 50/50 volunteer is a great way to make a difference while still having a fun night. Just from my experience, it is always something I look forward to every week and when the Canucks are on a roadtrip, my week feels like there is something missing.

More importantly, during my shift I get treated exceptionally by the Rogers Arena hosts, food prep crew and security which definitely make it easy to sign up for a game even on a busy week.

As someone who was born at Children's Hospital with Cerebal Palsy, I understand the importance of raising money for the Canucks For Kids Fund. Without the money, who knows if I would be alive right now.

However, more money is always needed for the world class organizations such as BC Children's Hospital and Canuck Place. Without volunteers, the money wouldn't get raised.  The Canucks For Kids Fund is always looking for new volunteers. Volunteers get nice benefits like 20% team store discount, 50% food discount, bottomless pop or water and a pair of tickets for every four games you volunteer at.

If you would like to be part of the team feel free to contact Nikki at

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