Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Every Week's Marquee Games in the NFL

I have a TV and and a computer, if this was a perfect world than these are the games I would watch in the 1pm window and the late window. The rules are you have to have 1 CBS game and 1 FOX game in each window.

Week 1
Philadelphia AT Washington 1PM FOX
Oakland AT Tennessee 1PM CBS

Indianapolis AT Los Angeles 4:05 CBS
Seattle AT Green Bay             4:25  FOX

Week 2:
Cleveland AT Baltimore  1PM CBS
Philadelphia AT Kansas City 1PM FOX

NY Jets AT Oakland 4:05PM CBS
San Fransisco AT Seattle 4:25PM FOX

Week 3:
Tampa Bay vs Minnesota 1PM FOX
Miami VS NY Jets            1PM CBS

Seattle VS Tennessee        4:05  FOX
Cincinnati vs Green Bay   4:25 CBS

Week 4:
LA Rams AT Dallas   1PM FOX
Tennessee AT Houston 1PM CBS

NY Giants AT Tampa Bay 4:05 PM FOX
Oakland AT Denver           4:25 PM CBS

Week 5

NY Jets AT Cleveland 1PM FOX
Buffalo AT Cincinnati 1PM CBS

Seattle AT LA Rams 4:05 CBS
Green Bay AT Dallas 4:25 FOX

Week 6

Green Bay AT Minnesota 1PM FOX
New England AT NY Jets 1PM CBS

Tampa Bay AT Arizona 4:05 FOX
Pittsburgh AT Kansas City 4:25 CBS

Week 7

New Orleans AT Green Bay 1PM FOX
Tennessee AT Cleveland     1PM CBS

Dallas AT San Fransisco  4:05 FOX
Seattle AT NY Giants      4:25 CBS

Week 8
Indianapolis AT Cincinnati 1PM CBS
Carolina AT Tampa Bay      1PM FOX

Houston AT Seattle   4:05 CBS
Dallas AT Washington 4:25 FOX

Week 9
Tampa Bay AT New Orleans 1PM FOX
Denver AT Philadelphia      1PM CBS

Washington AT Seattle 4:05 FOX
Kansas City AT Dallas   4:25 CBS

Week 10

Minnesota AT Washington 1PM FOX
NY Jets AT Tampa Bay 1PM CBS

Houston AT LA Rams 4:05 CBS
Dallas AT Atlanta  4:25PM FOX

Week 11

Arizona AT Houston 1PM FOX
Baltimore AT Green Bay 1PM CBS

Buffalo AT LA Rams 4:05 FOX
Cincinnati AT Denver 4:25 CBS

Week 12

Tampa Bay AT Atlanta 1PM FOX
Buffalo AT Kansas City 1PM CBS

Seattle AT San Fransisco 4:05PM FOX
Denver AT Oakland        4:25PM CBS

Week 13

Tampa Bay AT Green Bay 1PM FOX
Houston AT Tennessee 1PM CBS

Cleveland AT LA Chargers 4:05 CBS
LA Rams AT Arizona 4:25PM FOX

Week 14
Detroit AT Tampa Bay 1PM FOX
Minnesota AT Carolina 1PM CBS

NY Jets AT Denver 4:05 CBS
Dallas AT NY Giants 4:25 FOX

Week 15

Green Bay AT Carolina 1PM FOX
NY Jets AT New Orleans 1PM CBS

LA Rams AT Seattle 4:05 FOX
New England AT Pittsburgh 4:25 CBS

Week 16

Denver AT Washington 1PM CBS
Tampa Bay AT Carolina 1PM FOX

Jacksonville AT San Fransisco 4:05 CBS
Seattle AT Dallas 4:25 FOX

These games are flexible and might change. Feel free to debate. Week 17 isn't included because of TV and times will change.

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