Monday, November 6, 2017

It Might be A Fluke, But its Better Than The Alternative

I sit here at my computer desk thinking about the Canucks game tonight as the Detroit Red Wings come into town tonight for the final game of the home-stand. The Red Wings used to be a hot ticket in town but the decline of their roster is completely evident by the number of household names in their lineup.

The Canucks season is in the rhythm right now. The team is 7-4-2 but non of the fans are believing in playoffs yet. Is it cliche that it's 'early' or is it important to get a good start in the marathon 82 game season.

Most people point towards American Thanksgiving as measuring stick point in the standings. That comes in the coming weeks. Canucks have nine games before Thanksgiving and that will tell us a lot as well.

I honestly don't buy in to the Early thing. For one, I think it's a get out of jail free card for teams that get off to a bad start and a jealousy statement for fans when a below average team when their rival gets off to a good start. . For instance, if the Canucks were 4-7-2 at this point, the mood of this hockey team would be quite different. It would be hard to imagine that the Canucks could get back in the playoff race.

That's because the Canucks send out a average roster compared to the other 30 teams. Edmonton has one of the better rosters and can afford a shaky start.

Therefore, it really depends on where a teams organization is at that determines if it is important to get off to a good start.

It never hurts and I'm glad that the Canucks have for the time being at least avoided any tanking talk. The more we avoid that talk the better it will be this season on and off the ice.

This is an important game for Vancouver as they keep  trying to prove themselves before a rough road begins in Calgary tomorrow night.

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