Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Seahawks loss Stings but it's Life

This is a great time of year to be a sports fan. Outside of baseball, every sport is under way which is  awesome!

Yet, I'm stuck at work most days or out of the house so much I haven't been able to watch much lately. In fact, before I left for Bolivia, I had only watched 2.1 sports games per day which is down from my hypothesized usual of three sporting games per day.

I commute over an hour to work for a three hour shift. Not ideal but it's what god has handed me in 2017. Honestly, I wish I could write more. Everyday would be awesome but sometimes it's hard to get back in the swing of things after a few days off.

Today I came home from work and had to watch the Monday Night Football game on the PVR. Yes, the game was exciting but I was hoping for a Seahawks win. I think we have to accept that the Seahawks from 2012-2015 are done and they are trying to form a new indemnity.

That's ok, its part of a cycle a franchise has to go through. At 6-4, the Seahawks are still in control of their own destiny to win the NFC West. There's still winnable games on there schedule. 4-2 will likely be the minimum that will be needed to get into the Playoffs. I bet they will at least go 3-3. Therefore, they will likely have beat Jacksonville, Philadelphia or Dallas. All of which I could see them losing to. Not to mention they would have to win their remaining three divisional games.

This is life however, we need to enjoy it. This is the best week of the year to be a sport fan. Yet, this year it will be ruined for me because I'm a employed Canadian.

The UEFA Champions League goes Tuesday and Wednesday followed by Europa League and NFL on Thanksgiving Thursday.

There's lots of ways we can enjoy life, have fun and make a difference in the community. Tough losses will happen and it's ok to get pissed off. It stings that the Seahawks awesomeness on MNF is over. That's why I'm on here to try and make it feel better. Blogs and Social media are great places to vent. If people disagree than their not true friends.

Whatever the result is, life is still a million times better than what it seems like in the moment. The goal should always be to simile and love life. Totally beats the alternative.

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