Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 1 - Seattle

By Pvonmatt61  

Day 1- Seattle.
Arrived this morning and met up with our friends the Kocsis’ and Henderson’s as we do every July. We always stay at the Lynnwood Hampton Inn, and spend our time shopping and attending Mariners games. 

Today was an exciting game at the ballpark as the Mariners won 7-0, which in itself was a surprise. Our family was the other big winner today, as we somehow were upgraded in the hotel and given a big suite and kitchen. Therefore, we were the party room tonight, and now that the 7 kids are in their mid to late teens, it seems they know all the drinking games that we played in our university games. And some of them (Carissa) seemed to know even more rules than we knew existed! It was pretty interesting as we played adults against the kids, with of course the adults winning. 

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