Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 6 - The Mistake by the Lake (Cleveland)

No, it’s not my nickname for Cleveland, but it does fit. Cleveland has three things going for it: 1) it’s an hour from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2) the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is here, and 3) there’s pro baseball. Luckily for us, those are the only reasons we are here, because from what we can see there isn’t much else. We were challenged trying to find a decent place to eat last night.

 Our hotel is in an excellent location- only a half block from the baseball park, but eating establishments for  families are few and far between. Lots of construction and road closures all over. Not really an attractive city to look at, although there are some amazing beautiful old churches between our house and downtown. The drive from Detroit was a good one, even hit a bit of rain.

An hour south of Cleveland is Canton, home of the football Hall of Fame. Sort of a small town Cooperstown clone, the Hall is the big attraction in town. And it is very good. We spent about three hours there, with a stop at the souvenir shop at the end.  We’ll see if the area livens up tomorrow  around game time. They are expecting a big crowd because there is fireworks after the game, so we’ll see. 

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