Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 3 - Chicago


After leaving the Lynnwood hotel 30 minutes late (it’s tougher to say goodbye to everyone when we are taking someone else’s kid, and leaving one of our own), we got to the Park n’ride at the airport in plenty of time. The flight was a brisk 3 and a half hours long, but it was a uneventful flight, which is the best kind. I guess the highlight was having the flight attendants announce that “Eric” recently won a coveted flight attendant award and we all were to congratulate him at the conclusion of our trip. We of course did that.  After we got our luggage I was walking near the stewardess, when I asked her exactly what he had done to get the award. She replied, “ nothing. I made it up. It just means he has to buy the beer for us tonite.” Seems like flight attendants have a fun filled life.

After getting the car, we had a 30 minute car ride to our hotel, which is in a great part of town called Lincoln Park. The hotel is fine, except for the $24 a night parking fee, but that’s Chicago.  And of course what else would we do with two teenagers? We found a great outdoor bar for dinner. Like most bars, it had cold, cheap beer, and hot cheap food, so it fulfilled all of our requirements. Tomorrow we are off to Navy Pier and the Magnificient Mile downtown, and then out to Wrigley Field for the Cubs game at 7 tomorrow.

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  1. Loving the updates Paul! Glad everyone is doing well, and be sure to enjoy Wrigley tomorrow!!