Monday, January 23, 2017

Last Night was a reminder that Growing Pains Hurt.

Boy oh boy oh boy! The Canucks surely missed a golden opportunity to get back in a wildcard spot last night. With 35 games to go in the season one thing seems to be clear. By no means will the Canucks be tanking the rest of the year.

That can only mean two things, either Benning and Linden are confident with their U25 players and feel they are already turned around in the right direction or this whole re-tooling project Benning set out to do three years ago will blow up in his face and the Canucks will be mediocre for the next few years. 

The way they lost in Chicago last night was heartbreaking, One of the reasons it was heartbreaking was because the Canucks are in a playoff race. Therefore, I guess this should be a good sign.

It is way to early to call Benning out on his ability to turn this ship around. However, if the team isn't turned around by the fall of 2018, both Benning and Wille Desjardins to be fired.

That's just the great thing about building a sports franchise. Not every year can be like 2010 or even 2011. Things will take time, the plan is for this patient rebuild to pay off in the long run.

No one is predicting a 4 or 5 year playoff wait anyway. Those things are rare in today's NHL anyway. This isn't NHL 17 where you can rebuild your entire farm system within a year. We need to relax and see where the offseason goes at the very least. Nothing can happen too drastically until Hendrik and Daniel retire.
People were so understanding when this season started that this might be a bottom 3 team in the league. Now, that they are in a playoff race, fans are demanding success.

I get it though, I like where this team is, but the inpatient part of sports is a bit bothersome right now.

The next two game might determine whether or not Vancouver is buying or selling come the trade deadline.

Regardless of what happens, lets be happy the Canucks aren't in a state of emergency right now.

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