Monday, January 30, 2017

What the Oregon Ducks Mean to Me

There's something special about the University of Oregon. I don't quite know what it is but over the last few years something has made me feel accepted with the Oregon Ducks.

Through Facebook, lots of Oregon Ducks fans have confirmed me as a friend, accepted that I had Cerebal Palsy and have always thought it was awesome I wanted to be a Duck.

They have made it my second home, a place where people will always care about me. I haven't figured out why Oregon is so much better than the other schools in America but it might be their passion about the Ducks. We have the "O" that everyone does so frequently at games that shows unity. Togetherness and school spirt.

Oregon has been the underdog for a number of years now. The Duck fans have embraced it and have accepted the challenge. They have to, no one ever gives them a chance and  every year they prove people wrong. Every year they have the fight like a tiger but the friendliness like someone that will always have each others backs. Forever.

That's the feeling I get, its like magic that you feel when your watching the game. Knowing that you have been blessed with friends that love you. Eugene is a smallish town and maybe that's part of the reason. The more school spirt the better. People will make fun of us, but that's all good. We are all friends in Duck Nation.

At the end of the day we all know that we are valued. We have all struggled at some point in our life but that's just what makes Oregon unique and special. Oregon fans have given me something that I never thought was possible.

That's why I want to give back, volunteer and help others that are unfortunate. We need to come together, not as a University but as a community, state country and world. We all need to be friends, my guess is theres a lot of honest people out their that you've never met yet. Why? We all want to see the same people over and over again. While that may be fun and stuff, are we getting anywhere as a society? Of course not!

Maybe it's because I'm older but I feel like our homeless population is getting bigger, orur mentally ill our getting weaker and the Terrorist groups are getting more evil.

However, being around Duck fans has gave me a idea. They have so much school spirt why doesn't the whole world be this including.

I want to write on here everyday. Sports brings people together, but it shouldn't stop there. People need to be more inclusive, I have felt it and I want to try to give it back. Any way I can.

I'm going to share my thoughts about my project and anyone can give input or suggestions. We are all in this together. While the Ducks fans gave me a spark, I want to turn it into something big. We may be foe's on the field but everyone needs to come together off it.

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