Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Looking Back on A Handful of Great Games for Myself as a Sports fan

As 2017 beings, I look back on my life as a sports fan, I believe I must be about a third of a way through my life. Pretty scary when you think of it. I have had lot of great memories as a sports fan which I'll try to break it down as best as I can.

My four favourite teams are the Canucks, Suns Mets and Seahawks. Since 1993, the year I was born there has been only 1 Championship between those four teams but seven Conference Championships.

What I define as a great game is a Game 7 or huge series clinching game that gets the team too the next level.

The order will be numerical as I will go from latest to most current. Keep in mind, I was a Vancouver Grizzlies fan for a long time and therefore wasn't a Suns fan until a few years ago.

1994: Canucks vs Flames Game 7

1994: Canucks vs Maple Leafs Game 5

1994 Canucks vs Rangers Game 7

1999 NLDS Game 4 D-Backs vs Mets

2003 Canucks vs Blues Game 7

2003: Canucks vs Wild Game 7

2004 NFC Wild Card Game Rams vs Seahawks

2005 NFC Divisional Game Redskins vs Seahawks

2005 NFC Title Game Panthers vs Seahawks

SB XL Steelers vs Seahawks

2006 NLCS Game 7 Cardinals vs Mets

2007 Canucks vs Stars Game 7

2011 Canucks vs Blackhawks Game 7

2011 Canucks vs Sharks Game 5

2011 Canucks vs Bruins Game 7

2014 NFC Title Game Seahawks vs 49ers

SB XLVIII Broncos vs Seahawks

SB XLIX Pats vs Seahawks

2015 NLDS Game 5 Mets vs Dodgers

2015 World Series Game 4 Mets vs Royals

All these games have something in common. They were decade defining moments for these four teams. I have always admired how the Suns have played. Up tempo, however I always refused to cheer for them when Steve Nash played for them because Nash didn't want to play for the Canadian Men's National team.

I am 12-9 in these games. 21 games. I have been alive for 23 years. That works out to be just under 1 per year which is pretty good when you think about it. I'm happy with my four teams. Four different cities with four good tourist destinations.

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