Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tottenham Hotspur Fan in Canada #2 - 2017

Sunday afternoon in North London will be an end of a era for Tottenham Hotspur as they will play their final game at White Hart Lane when Manchester United will be the team wanting to spoil the party.

This will be a sad day for me, despite only being a Spurs fan for only four years but White Hart Lane was one of the reasons why Tottenham appealed to me. White Hart Lane was the perfect stadium. It wasn't too small like Shelhurst Park but it also wasn't overly big like Old Trafford.

Now, I hope the new stadium is at least normal. Unlike Wembley Stadium that seems like it's way too big.

Four years ago, Tottenham had trouble winning home games. They dropped points too bottom of the table teams fairly often. This year, it has been polar opposite. In the EPL this year it has been 16 Wins, 2 draws. An impeccable record if you ask me.

White Hart Lane has gone over renovation after renovation that it just seems silly to get rid of it now. Feels like they are losing part of their identity. That identity is what made Tottenham unique and separated themselves from United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea.

With the Title race potentially done and dusted by Sunday. Tottenham will try to go out in style and leave with one last entertaining game.

The game won't be on TV for me in Canada, last week's loss AT West Ham wasn't either but I caught the game somewhere else.

The United game last year at WHL resulted in the Red Devils being late to the stadium and a 3-0 Spurs win.

This year, United have it all to play for. Fighting for a Champions League place. However, depending on how their game goes today, they might not be aiming for a Top 4 spot but instead be focused on the Europa League Final.

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