Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tottenham Hotspur fan in Canada - Last Post

I honestly can't believe how good Tottenham has become. The last two games, 6-1 over Leicester and 7-1 over Hull City. Complete domination. Barcelona like in their Spanish league.

Now it's over. The season that was so good is now over. I don't understand how Tottenham has gotten so good. To me, the best team in the league was Tottenham. Not Chelsea. If Kane wasn't injured in the Fall, Tottenham would have won the league.

White Hart Lane is over and now the season is over. I'm still curious what would have materialized if the Spurs played their Champions League games at White Hart Lane. I think they would have gotten out of the Group Stage at least. Their three games at "home" in the Group Stage were all dull and flat. I should have recorded them and re-watched them now or over the summer.

Next year is going to feel awkward. I have a hard time accepting that. If they play as bad as they did at Wembley next year they can forget about the Champions League the year after or even the Europa League.

This team is likely too good to keep all of these players. Some will have to move on, The last half of the season, Tottenham made everything look easy. Like, where was this the last 30 years?

No more games that mean anything until mid-August. The schedule will come out in mid June. The next big soccer thing for Spurs fans will be the England match at Scotland on June 10th. However, England should qualify for Russia 2018 easily.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to doing this in the weeks to come.

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