Monday, January 28, 2019

What Will TSN Show Next Year?

Soccer is the most popular sport around the world and things will get more interesting next year when the EPL moves from basic cable to Dazn a streaming platform that is only available through internet access.

My concern is that I feel like the general public doesn't know about this yet. The ramifications of the move are still unknown. I'm curious to know who will stay and who will make the move.

The key answer to this question will be determined by what TSN and Sportsnet show instead. Only thing I can think of is Sportsnet covering the German top tier as Fox Sports 1 does south of the
border. As for TSN, they could show College Gameday on all four regional channels but I don't think tjhat's the safest bet.

I would love to speculate on what TSN should show but my heart has been broken too many times from speculating on what they should add since the advent of TSN2 in 2008.

The thing is, nothing much is happening in the sports world between the hours of 7am-noon Toronto time. There's always that or another sports league....

Rank Association Coeff. Teams Notes
1 Spain Spain 106.998 4
2 England England 79.605
3 Italy Italy 76.249
4 Germany Germany 71.427
5 France France 56.415 3
6 Russia Russia 53.382
7 Portugal Portugal 47.248 2
8 Ukraine Ukraine 41.133
9 Belgium Belgium 38.500
10 Turkey Turkey 35.800
11 Austria Austria 32.850
12 Switzerland Switzerland 30.200
13 Czech Republic Czech Republic 30.175
14 Netherlands Netherlands 29.749
15 Greece Greece 28.600
16 Croatia Croatia 26.000 1
17 Denmark Denmark 25.950
18 Israel Israel 21.750
19 Cyprus Cyprus 21.550
Rank Association Coeff. Teams Notes
20 Romania Romania 20.450 1
21 Poland Poland 20.125
22 Sweden Sweden 19.975
23 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 19.125
24 Bulgaria Bulgaria 19.125
25 Serbia Serbia 18.750
26 Scotland Scotland 18.625
27 Belarus Belarus 18.625
28 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 18.125
29 Norway Norway 17.425
30 Slovenia Slovenia 14.500
31 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 13.000 0
32 Slovakia Slovakia 12.125 1
33 Moldova Moldova 10.000
34 Albania Albania 8.500
35 Iceland Iceland 8.250
36 Hungary Hungary 8.125
37 Republic of Macedonia Macedonia 7.500
Rank Association Coeff. Teams Notes
38 Finland Finland 6.900 1
39 Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland 6.700
40 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 6.625
41 Latvia Latvia 5.625
42 Estonia Estonia 5.500
43 Lithuania Lithuania 5.375
44 Montenegro Montenegro 5.000
45 Georgia (country) Georgia 5.000
46 Armenia Armenia 4.875
47 Malta Malta 4.500
48 Luxembourg Luxembourg 4.375
49 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 4.250
50 Wales Wales 3.875
51 Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 3.750
52 Gibraltar Gibraltar 3.000
53 Andorra Andorra 1.331
54 San Marino San Marino 0.499
55 Kosovo Kosovo 0.000

I can't be sure what the rules are in getting a TV contract but I know Spain and France have games on Bein Sports but it is only on 1-2 games a week. SN has the German league and I believe Italy is owned by DAZN as well.

The next best league on the list is the Russian league. Well it would be interesting and personally I would get hooked, I'm not sure that the rest of Canada would be.

I think it would be cool if one of the networks created like a Red-zone channel in football and showed live goals from the rest of Europe. This way we would be able to keep track of the top teams in the smaller leagues.

There will also be a Canadian Premier League starting this April. However, this would be able to take place later on in the day. It is a seven team league. Schedule or TV contract has not been reached yet. 

More on this later...

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