Monday, May 7, 2018

Cardiff City Will Add to my Interest of the EPL

Cardiff City clinched promotion to the England Premier League yesterday with a 0-0 draw at home on the last day of the season. For me, as a Canadian this is something special. Junior Hoilett who was a Canadian National team holdout for years has now committed to Canada and now will be playing in the best league in football next year. 

This is meaningful because during the season, Junior Hoilett was the top scorer for all competitions with 11. If Hoilett can have a major season next year, it puts Cardiff City and Canada in a good position. 

For one, this year, will likely be the first time in awhile that all previously promoted teams will stay up. This isn't a fluke in my opinion, with the TV deal increasing revenue for Premier League clubs, the teams are needing to spend money to stay up and they are doing it. 

Secondly, take a look at Burnley this year. They are ending a 57 year European Cup drought next year when they compete in the Europa League. Greatest story in English football this year in my opinion. That's amazing! 

Burnley isn't spending much but it goes to show that small clubs are having success. In 2013-14, Cardiff was not only relegated but they finished bottom. For some reason, I feel this time around could be different. 

 Teams that have recently struggled significantly have eitherP flirted with disaster too many times like Sunderland or have just lost complete focus on goals like Aston Villa that also were close to relegation the previous years before they went down. 

Bornemoth, Watford and Crystal Palace are all small clubs that were big favourites to go down in last place in their first year and not only didn't but are still up years later. In fact, I'm surprised Brighton & Hove Albion have had a successful season this year. 

I hope they do well. I will be pulling for them, Swansea might not be there next year but Cardiff will and hopefully this time it's longer than a cup of coffee this time.   

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