Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18th, 2018

Why is it so hard for people to include people that need to feel loved? I have friends but sometimes I don't see them as much as I want.

I take my mind off that kind of stuff from watching sports. I have tried to get into every league and from now on, I'm going to write whatever comes to mind that day. It doesn't have to be in a blog format. It will be may personal spin on things of the day, mostly the sports day.

For instance, today is a pretty slow sports day, no NBA tonight. NHL and I don't really have a preference of who wins.

Hoping the Oregon Ducks beat Drake today in the Softball regionals. That game is at 3pm.

The FA Cup final goes tomorrow, Chelsea and Man United. Both teams will be playing in European tournaments next year so nothing is on the line in that regard.

I'm a bit irritated with the way my life is going right now. I'm having a cross the country trip withdraw right now. I need to plan a trip but working on Finances. I need to make sure those are always going up with all the other things I got going in life now.

Thanks for the read, love you guys!

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