Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Suns Need to get This Pick Right

I have never witnessed my favorite team picking #1 overall in a sporting league draft,. The Mets picked 1st last in 1994, I was barley 1 year old at the time.

This is not something someone should ever wish for, but when the potential is there fans will pull out every lucky charm. I wasn't even watching on TV. I was planning on it but never got to the local pub until 5:25 and well being in Canada, the TV's were all set to the hockey game anyway.

For this particular draft, I almost wish they had scored the 3rd or 4th pick. Would have made the next six weeks interesting.

Here's the thing, Michael Porter Jr. was Mock draft #1 at the start of the year. Due to his injury, he has slipped to between #4 and #6. Another thing to keep an eye on is who the Kings will take at #2. They have their PG in Fox, so will they choose Doncic or Bagley.

The third pick will be whoever is not taken at #2 but the pick at #4 is where things will start to get interesting. Between Jackson, Bamba, Porter, Carter and Young it seems to be a close race. To me, Bamba and Young seem like boom or bust picks. Young at times seems like the second coming of Stephan Curry and Bamba gifted in his own way but in a point guard league, I would be hesitant to pick him in the Top 5.

I can't see the Suns taking anyone but Ayton. It will be fine, it will complete our starting lineup with Booker, Warren, Jackson and Bender also being Suns draft picks in previous years.

That being said, the Suns need to put themselves to win and make the playoffs not next year but the year after that. Since 2015 there has been too much drafting and not enough marquee trades that held them back. Their defense was absolutely horrible last year and this slow rebuild has been painful to watch.

Picking Ayton will be awesome but I have a crazy feeling that someone else in the Top 6 will be win a Championship ring before Ayton.

My hope lies with how well the 76ers did this year which gives me hope for the Suns.

The West is strong though and the Suns are in the toughest division.

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