Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Epic NBA and NHL Awaits.

We are getting into a golden weekend of sports as the week has progressed, Las Vegas is in the Stanley Cup and the Cavs and Warriors are looking or a rematch for the fourth straight year in a row.

Will it happen? My gut says that it won't. Both NBA Conference Finals are now down to a Best of 3. I will be missing most of the action this weekend but family stuff have to be taken care of first.

Oh ya,  almost forgot to mention that the Capitals and Lightning will play a decisive Game 7 tonight that will likely decide who wins the Stanley Cup. I mean, I ave no interest seeing an expansion team hoisting the Stanley Cup in their very first year.

I hope Boston wins tonight. I could use some new blood in the NBA Finals. At the end of the day, its almost a crap shoot. I am hesitant to pick them however because of their lack of experience.

Enjoy the the next few days sports fans, it should be very memorable.

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