Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Don't Look Now but the Mariners are in 1st

When you take a quick glance at the standings, the depleted Seattle Mariners find themselves a top of the talent loaded AL West. This was a team that had the offensive
pop to hold their own this year but with Anaheim and Houston appearing to be stronger on paper, not many predicted the Mariners to contend for the AL West Title.

To compel tings more, All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano has been dealt a 80 game suspension a few weeks ago. This was supposed to be when the Mariners fell back down to earth, but instead it has propelled this team to 18 games over 500.

In past years, the Mariners pitching has saved them from being a laughing stock. This year is the complete oppisite. Felix Hernandez might be Seattle's 5th starting pitcher as it stands, Mike Leake has six wins with an ERA a quarter of the way up Mt. Everest. However, the most important stat of them all is they have found their Canadian starter that has been able to stay healthy. James Paxton is doing what everyone expected Erik Bedard to do when he came to Seattle in the Adam Jones trade.

This team isn't going away. At 42-24 they would need to have a tail spin to even finish below 500. The trading deadline is seven weeks away. Nelson Cruz is 37, Denard Span is 34 and one time top prospect Kyle Seagar is already 30. The Mariners are built to win now, the have role players in place similarly to Kansas City in 2015. Edwin Diaz the closer is 24 and Closers don't usually last long before injury.

The Mariners need to go all in at the Trade deadline and make sure they get to the playoffs. Blue Jays did it in 2015-2016 and it almost paid off. Three years later the AL East is back to where it was in the mid 2000's with the Red Sox and Yankees controlling it.

The Angels are due for a 90+ win season in the next few years and Oakland and Texas find ways to put together good teams every 2-3 years also.

In fact, since 2001, Each AL West team has had multiple playoff appearances. Then there's the Mariners. who are almost cursed.

There is also a myth out there that Where before Safeco Field, there used to be a grave site. That's why the Mariners have been hunted for almost two decades and the Seahawks have all the good fortune at the same end of the field.  However, like all curses, they all have to come to and end at some point.

The time is now and the Mariners and their fans can't let this chance go to waste.

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