Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mets Might be in the Worst Spot in Baseball Now

The news that broke today that Sandy Alderson will take a leave of absence from his New York Mets General Manager duties is super sad but at the same time, this might have been unavoidable and was maybe only a matter of time.

As we come to the middle of 2018, the deadly disease of cancer has almost affected everyone whether it has been us or someone we know. I don't know Sandy personally, but if I had to place a bet, I think this might be the beginning of the end for the Mets GM.

The 2018 Train wrecked New York Mets as we know them will take a backseat for at least a week. We love something so awesome as baseball suddenly means so little when we hear news like this.

I don't know where the Mets go from hear, they might have the bleakest future in the NL East with a lineup filled with veterans and a starting rotation that is too good to be losing 85+ games and at this point in the year even that might be generous.

Lets face it though, this is a Mets Franchise that has not really been that competitive outside of their five NL Championships. The latest graphs seem to be indicating that the Mets are fading away from their glory year of 2015.

In fact, the Mets are following similar patterns to their 2000 and 2006 runs at a World Series where they quickly fell off a cliff after their window closed.

I'll say this, the Mets window to win a World Series has ended and it most likely ended last year. Noah Syndergaard will never pitch a playoff game for the Mets again and this whole thing needs to be ripped up and reevaluated. Rebuilding, doesn't mean going into a five year dormant period like the Astros did but its going to take a bit of time,

This kills me to say this because my current job is not a great job if watching Mets baseball is my #1 priority. My morning shifts start at 7am Seattle time and my afternoon shifts start at 3pm. I have probably watched about 10 games all year and that bugs me,

I haven't forgotten about the Mets, never will. Our prospects haven't been as good as other teams and we are falling behind. Atlanta looks legit and we are stuck in mediocrity

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