Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 1 Bolivia Trip

The first day of my trip was not as tiring as I expected. Got 3 hours of sleep over three flights that saw me have Pitt stops in Pheniox and Miami.

I was dropped off at the airport just past 6:30ams Seattle time. Airport worker was nice enough to get me in the fast past lane going through security. Had a ciminion Bun at Seattles Best Coffee before I got to my gate.

My flight dragged along despite being the shortest of them all. Sat by someone who was coming back from Alaska. I had a window seat and on the decent was able to see a few spring training ballparks and ASU's football stadium.

In Phoenix, was able to stop for a uneventful smoothie stop and was able to watch a bit of the British Open. Hoping the Canadians made the cut.

The second leg of the trip was a much more enjoyable flight. More legroom and a movie. Couldn't hear the movie because I again had a window seat. The movie was Baby Boss which seemed like a goofier version of Family Guy.

Got to Miami right at Sunset. Most airport TV's had the Tampa Bay Rays game on which I had no time to watch because of how big the Miami Airport is. Stopped for some Pizza at a place called 305. While I was walking to my gate at D15 I passed players from the Honduras national soccer team. Was tempted to call them out on their historically blatant time wasting tactics but I decided I didn't want to ignite an already hated rivalry between Canada and Honduras.

Was able to fall asleep just past midnight local time and was awake for the last hour of flight this morning.

Airport workers know a surprising amount of English and again was put in a fast pass lane during customs before claiming my bag at baggage claim.

Waiting for my connecting flight to Cochabamba. Was a bit bit cold this morning but the sun rose shortly after.

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  1. Glad to hear everything is going well so far! Please keep us up to date, I'd love to hear the details of your volunteering. Buena suerte!