Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day 4 - Bolivia Trip

Monday was the first day working with the kids. Morning went by fast but I was able to get to the bank and exchange my American money for Bolivanos. They don't take American money despite reading this online. Also, very few places take credit cards.

Returned back for lunch where there was a very well cooked meal of meat, rice, baked patato and vegetables. Very filling and felt good.

After lunch we got ready to go to the school which wasn't much of a school by North American standards. Two classrooms that could fit 12 kids or so. The kids could sort of point out where Canada was on a map.

They colored for an hour and then went to the playground before ending with snack. Snack was a small glass of milk. They were able to understand my broken French better than my good English but they were giviving me attention at least.

The children live in small 1 room houses with no electricity. I assume it must be hard to pass the time.

After we got back to our house, we had pasta for dinner as it was the last dinner for one of the volunteers. We went out to the bar late at night and the bar played good music. The city turns into a ghost town at night because the locals find this weather cold. I'm still in shorts though.

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