Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day 5 - Bolivia Trip

The mornings are cold here. With it being a older house and such it can feel like your living in a cabin. With water being expensive, generally showering doesn't happen every day. When it does, water takes a long time to heat up. The water and the cold evenings are my only complaints so far.

Volunteers are from France, Belguim, Spain and Denmark. There is also one volunteer from California. Some of them speak Good English.

Yesterday morning we went to the outdoor mall. Stores are inexpensive and good selection. If your wondering, fidget spinners are still popular down here.

It's also nice to go for a walk along the streets. Coke signs are everywhere. Weather is perfect, haven't seen a cloud yet.

Lunch yesterday was Roast Beef and mashed potatoes. Fantastic again.

At the school yesterday we played basketball. Limited in the drills we could do because of only 1 hoop and 3 balls it we managed to do a relay drill and a variation of bump. I won one of the rounds to the kids surprise.

Dinner last night was at a pub, food was good but the portion size was small. Our food took awhile and the waitress decided to play a game of Yahtzee while we were waiting for the food. I got a good chuckle out of that.

Starting to know my way around. Feels weird without google maps. Everything is so cheap compared to North America. I'm liking it. Need to find a way to get MLB.TV going as baseball is still on at 1-2 am here. I kinda like eastern time.

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