Friday, November 2, 2018

We Are On Our Way Up!

Elias Pettersson is a super special player for the Vancouver Canucks. Haven't felt this excited for the Canucks in a long time and it seems unreal.

I really feel like we can start dreaming of a Stanley Cup without being out of our minds. This Canucks team could be really good in a few years when all the holes are filled on this team. It will happen, no guarantee we get to the pinnacle I have a feeling we will get a sniff at the Cup eventually in the next dozen years.

Canucks fans seem excited again, players are excited when they score a goal for the first time in a long time.

If this is the end of the tunnel of the rebuild I think it has been worth it. We will see a playoff game eventually. I can see it.

Elias Pettersson is already the best player to ever put on a Canucks jersey. There have been a lot of  great players that have worn the Canucks jersey but Pettersson has something uniquely special.

The optimism is there and we are finally doing it without veteran players. I feel rewarded as a fan tonight. If we can keep winning that's great, this team will get valuable experience if we are in a playoff race. If we lose, that is great too. We will add another young stud to a Top 10 pick.

 I think we will see playoff hockey in Vancouver in 2020. This year is a bit too soon with the quality of good teams in the Pacific division this year.

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