Friday, April 28, 2017

Canucks Hire Head Coach Travis Green

Some people aren't going to like it, but you can't please anyone when your trying to hire a new head coach in a Canadian Hockey market. They decided to go with the safe pick, which from what everyone says was going to bolt elsewhere if Vancouver didn't hire him this time around. 
Travis Green will be the 19th head coach in one of the toughest markets to succeed in. There was no slam dunk pick this time around. The only for sure thing we know about the Canucks next year is that they will be tied for first place at the start of the year. 
Benning and Linden say they are going to stay the course, whatever that means is anyone's guess. At this rate, the rebuild will take forever and that won't make fans happy. There isn't a
fast forward button like there is on EA Sports NHL 17.
This is the price you pay for keeping two 36 year old twins from Sweden. The reality is though they don't want to be moved. 
So, the Canucks Management will have to work with what they have. Trying to do the best they can to put themselves in position to succeed when the Sedin's retire. 
The Sedin's are too slow of players to make the team a playoff team, if the Canucks are going to make the Playoffs next year they will have to rely on a breakout youngster to have an amazing season. 
I think this pick is a no lose choice for the Canucks. Low risk and and high reward. The Castlegar BC native has payed his dues over the years that has seen him coach in in Portland Oregon in the WHL and Utica New York in the AHL. He lost in the Memorial Cup and Calder Cup respectively. 
Travis Green is the right fit because he is a hockey guy, will help the players that are going to come up from Utica next year as they will feel more comfortablw with him behind the bench. If he presses the right buttons it is going to get the fans around British Columbia back on the banwagon that has sat fairly empty since 2013. 
My concern is that Green's resume is too similar to Willie Desjardins was when he was hired in 2014. Desjardins had success at the WHL and AHL level before but was canned after three years after only one playoff appearance. 
Overall, there is way more I like about this hire than I don't. Green said all the right things in the press conference Wednesday morning at Rogers Arena and I'm very excited to see what is in store for the Canucks next year and more importantly tomorrow at the NHL Draft Lottery. 

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