Saturday, April 8, 2017

Today in Sports

Currently watching soccer now. EPL to be exact and sometimes the coverage of it can be inconsistent. Some weeks Canadian TV can have 7 of the 10 on TV in a given weekend and other times it is only 4 or 5.

What triggers this is debatable and maybe that is a question that needs to be asked another day. One thing that contributes to it are other sporting events. For instance, the Masters is on this weekend and coverage of that begins at 11AM ET.

The leaders will tee off a little before 3 ET as it should be a very entertaining day at the Masters.

First Saturday of baseball today as things progress, Nothing to get to excited about right now but it's still great to get baseball back.

To continue, it is the last Saturday of the NBA and NHL seasons. Playoffs start for both within 8 days for both but sooner for the NHL. Unfortunately, playoff spots in both are almost all set.

I put down $10 on Chelsea beating AFC Bournemouth today. It's a win-win for me as if Chelsea drop points than the Title race will be on as Tottenham dismantled Watford this morning.

In fact, what has happened to Tottenham over the last 18 months is almost remarkable. What used to be the Top 5 has now become the Top 6. Their new stadium will be ready in 2019 and it looks like they have became the new Arsenal as somehow this team might be a power for years to come.

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