Friday, August 4, 2017

Day 14 - Bolivia Trip

Depending on if your counting my travel days and day in La Paz on the way back from Bolivia, I believe this was the halfway point of my trip. To sum everything up, it{s been great so far. Missing my home computer and stuff but it's nice to live a different style for a change.

Yesterday I got a chance to prepare a ESL lesson for a change which was really challenging because of the english level the kids are at. In fact, for some of the kids, English is their third lanuage that they will learn.

Lunch was par for the course again, breaded chicken was the surprise meat of the day with lots of Mash patatos.

At the school, the kids had even less of an English ability than I was told. We basiclly tagught them some animals in English which seemed super basic considering they had a poster of animals with the english name already in the classroom.

We did more basketball in PE, its when we play basketball I wish I could speak better spanish. Their missing a lot of key basketball tips I wish I could give them.

After we got back, I went out for Pizza. Tasted really good considering I never expected to see good pizza in Bolivia.

Went back to check email before I went to bed early because I was really tired.

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