Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 26 - Bolivia Trip

Yesterday was my Birthday, it was kinda of special to have a birthday in a different country. I was treated very well the whole day and the best part was I didn't have to share it with anyone! 

It started with another volunteer playing a Happy Birthday song on YouTube that woke me up. It was a good surprise though and something that was unexpected. 

I was actually kinda curious who would figure out it was my Birthday but nostly everyone knew which was a plesent surprise. We had a meeting like normal and I'm happy to announce that it was my last one of the trip. 

Lunch was ckicken and rice. Very good chicken and the rice was good too. After lunch the volunteer conordintor gave me a card that everyoned signed and that was very special. 

With the kids yesterday we had a short session of type writting and than a few of us went out to play basketball. We played a game of variation of a game called around the world which I won easily. Better competition would have created a very intense game however. For the second hour we did more combine type fitness. I'm at a huge disadvantage because of the high altitude in Bolivia. 

When we got back, a huge surprise was inj store for me. One of the locals had baked a cake for me and they sung Happy Birthday before I blew out the candles. The cake had smarties on it and tasted very good. 

We all went out to dinner last night and I got to pick. I picked Italian. The restrunt was a nice setting, good menu but the portion sizes weren't equal to what you get at a normal Italian restrunt. I had a pasta with a cheese sauce but it wasn't that cheesy. Bread was amazing though. 

All in all my birthday was amazing. I got spoiled which was special. 239 people wrote on my timeline on facebook yestersday plus lots of messages. 

I have two days left with the kids. There just starting to feel comfortable with me and its sad my time is almost up. 

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