Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 23 - Bolivia Trip

The weekend was finally here yesterday. Most Saturday's between August and May I get up early and watch the English Premier League. The up early part doesn't exist down here because I'm 3 hours ahead of normal. Also the watching Part didn't exsit because the English League isn't as big as this is a Spanish speaking continent and the Spanish League hasn't started yet.

Later in the morning, I was able to FB call the Seattle gang who is doing their annual Baseball weekend. Looked like the Fiesta was the same as usual down there with the 12 of them.

Was able to take a nice walk down the main streets yesterday. Haircut and Pedicure costed about 35 Bolivianos which was a bargain. I am going to a friends wedding the week I get back and felt I needed a haircut.

Had lunch at a place that gave me a boatload of food for a great price. Service has always been excellent considering they don't speak English and I don't speak much Spanish.

Some kind of cooking event was put on by the foundation for the locals. Sushi for dinner was alright considering I'm not a sushi fan. Had a good theology conversation with a local who spoke great English. He was a non believer but appreciated how respectful I was too him about his stance.

The people stayed late into the night. Crepes were for dessert which was a delightful treat. Some locals enjoy talking to me because they want to improve their English. I have enjoyed that attention over the last month.

Wish there was more to do around town. Maybe there is but you have to be there longer to figure what that is. Always looking forward to the next day though.

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