Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 21 - Bolivia Trip

This wee is going by fast and pretty soon I'll be on my last week. Thursday's mean ESL for the kids and because last week they found English so hard we just decided to plan a memory game that they could have fun with.

Spanish lesson went well and lunch was soon after. Meat and rice this time around and like most of the time I have been here, I was wanting seconds.

With the kids, the English memory game worked well and the kids had way more fun than last week. We even finished with time to spare which is rare.

For sports yesterday we decided to play Capture the Flag which seemed to be revolutionary to them as I don't think they have ever heard of it. In the middle of the game, a Thunderstorm like none other passed by. It didn't rain much but the lighting show was amazing followed by loud crushes of Thunder. Rain was in the forecast and was much needed as the field was super dusty.

After dinner, I turned on the TV to watch the 18 year old Canadian defeat Nadal at the Rogers Cup. Great match with a exciting 3rd set tiebreak.

After that, the group watched Inside Out in French. However I was too tired to stay up and went to bed. Found out that this weekend is a long weekend as well but I'm not sure what for. Holiday Monday again!

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